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What to Wear: To An Interview

Did you all miss me last week?!   I can’t believe I didn’t blog last Friday!  After our Boudoir Bonanza and living at the Valley Ho all that weekend and coming back to the studio to sort 15,000 pictures (not an exaggeration, there were 15,000 pictures), I drove straight to San Diego and slept until […]

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courtney & josh | san diego associate photographer

Courtney and Josh’s ceremony was perched on the edge of San Diego’s gorgeous Sunset Cliffs overlooking the open ocean and crashing waves below.  The wedding party arrived in style in a bus-sized woody and made their way down the winding belt of sea sand and beach foliage to the cluster of white chairs and smiling faces of […]

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Mom’s Beauty Advice We Should Take

My mom is full of advice….on everything.  Some of it I listen to, some of it I nod my head smiling, and some of it I play very deaf.  I will tell you, though, that the older I get, I listen to a lot more of it, and understand much more of what she’s talking […]

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Girl Hot Versus Guy Hot

I have this friend, this darling, amazing, smart woman friend, who cannot figure out why she NEVER gets hit on when we go out, and why men don’t go for her the way they go for others….but I do know why and I’ve been trying to explain it to her, and I figured I’d explain […]

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Your Hair, Your Glory

We all know that famous quote that a woman’s hair is her shining glory, right?  Man, if you’re having a hair month like I am (WAY overdue for a cut and just grossing me out daily), then this quote could really ruin your day.  Can’t my sparkling wit and humor be my shining glory???  Eh, […]

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