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Girl Hot Versus Guy Hot

I have this friend, this darling, amazing, smart woman friend, who cannot figure out why she NEVER gets hit on when we go out, and why men don’t go for her the way they go for others….but I do know why and I’ve been trying to explain it to her, and I figured I’d explain […]

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The Summer Needs List

Is it just me, or is summertime just so amazingly wonderful?  I know that we live in a climate similar to that of Hades and the thought of scorching car door handles and melted makeup makes us all cringe, but come on, summer is freaking awesome.  Everyone is in flip-flops, watermelons are front and center […]

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Finding YOUR Great Look

“She has a great look.”  Don’t you hope someone has said this about you, preferably in the last week?  How does one acquire a “look”, much less a great one?  I think that as we get older, we get to know ourselves so much better and part of that sense of self should be expressed […]

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Clueless, Couturious, and Cost-Effective

How many of you have seen (and love) Clueless?  Well, if you, like me, watched with envy as Alicia Silverstone’s character used her computer to scroll through her clothing database, match tops with bottoms, and create adorable outfits on a virtual model, then you’re going to understand my ECSTASY over this amazing site I’ve recently […]

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