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The Summer Needs List

Is it just me, or is summertime just so amazingly wonderful?  I know that we live in a climate similar to that of Hades and the thought of scorching car door handles and melted makeup makes us all cringe, but come on, summer is freaking awesome.  Everyone is in flip-flops, watermelons are front and center in the grocery store, and most weekends involve a pool or a trip out of town.  It also means a wardrobe-180. Summer weather is conducive, especially in this city, to very little clothing, literally, and that’s not everyone’s favorite thing to hear.  Alas, my Coppertone Babies, as always, with a few summertime staples, you can move smoothly from work, to a Fourth of July barbecue, to a swim party, to a weekend in San Diego.  So let’s get to it, you sizzling summer sexpots!

JennyP’s Summer Needs List

Summer Need #1:  Cut offs

Ok, I know that not everyone can run around sporting teeny-tiny daisy dukes, but stop thinking of cutoffs in such a small term, they come in many forms!  I don’t care if they’re full-blown Huck Finn-length capris, long shorts, daisy dukes, or even a cut-off, frayed-edge, jean skirt, you need something “cut off”.  Nothing says summer quite like a pair of cutoffs and a tank top.  What else are you going to toss on for an outdoor concert, weekend of errands, or barbecue?  The key is to finding a length that works for you.  I have long legs, so I go micro-mini with my shorts.  My cousin Reagan is not a fan of her upper thighs (like most women!) so she rocks these great above-the-knee ones she found at H&M a few years ago.  My little sister is always running around in a jagged-edge jean skirt, while I saw a woman on the street wearing a pair of capri cutoffs rolled up once so the frayed pieces kind of hung over—genius.  There are a lot of ways to wear a great pair of cutoffs, here are some pics of my favorite lengths and ways to wear them!

Sexy and laid back at every length!

Summer Need #2:  Bathing Suit

I know.  I know!  I KNOW.  No one wants to hear this.  My friend Tara hasn’t purchased a swimsuit since 1998, and that is the honest truth.  But unless, like her, you’re perfectly fine with missing 90% of summertime activities and sitting on the side of the pool in winter garb like a total weirdo, you need to just suck it up and go try on 40,000 suits until you find one, just one, that you don’t feel like bridge-jumping in.  I did an entire article on finding a suit for your body earlier this year (The Swimsuit Panic Epidemic) , so let’s not reiterate the whole thing, let’s just say this:  it’s summer, you need a suit.  One piece, two-piece, cut-out, tankini, skirted, belted, polka-dot whatever, you’re going to find one.  Then, when you find one, find some little piece of trickery to help get you from the, “I’m outside the water feeling naked and flawed” to “I’m in the water feeling safer and like water is somehow not see-through,” moments, such as a cute sarong, a terrycloth cover-up, board shorts, mini-dress, gauzy over-shirt, etc.  We’re in it together, my darlings, we’re all feeling terrified and exposed in these things, but jumping into that water feels pretty dang good in the end.  Also, not looking like the party’s overly-clothed weirdo is nice, too.

These ladies managed to skip the fear and let themselves be photographed in one! You can do it!

Summer Need #3:  Killer Sunglasses

There are days when I (KB too) will forget eye makeup altogether, and just wear my huge sunglasses.  I feel like sunglasses are magic, and once you put them on you’re at least 15 times prettier.  My little sister just bought an amazing, gold-rimmed, Lady Gaga-esque pair that when she puts them on, I swear, her whole attitude gets kind of rock star.  Sunglasses do more than just make you cooler, though, they are really important eye protection and wrinkle-safeguard.  A summer of squinting is going to result in crow’s feet, and the sun seriously can damage your various delicate eye components, especially in such a bright state, so sunglasses are a win-win.  Right now, aviators are so uber-cool, the big, Jackie O pair are always classic trendy and anything with a big, expensive logo on the side are usually a cheap way to add some glitz and glam into your wardrobe.  No one looks bad in sunglasses, no one looks uncool, and they fit every body type.  Sunglasses are a must.  Go big and feel the difference in your strut.

Legit.  Sunglasses are LEGIT.

Summer Need #4:  Sundress

It’s over 300 degrees outside in the shade, you’re sweating before you even get out of the shower, and it’s only 9am. For me, the most comfortable thing to wear in these inhuman conditions is as little clothing as possible, and that means a sundress.  Hello, it’s one piece of clothing!  There is no layering, there is nothing hugging my sweaty legs, some styles don’t even require many undergarments, and I don’t have to yank and pull at various items while bathed in scorching sunlight.  One piece and I’m done.  The added benefit to the sheer comfort and convenience is the fact that nothing is more adorable than a sundress!  Strapless, spaghetti straps, maxi, mini, A-line, full skirted, knit, cotton, striped, floral—people the options are endless!  You can make them both work appropriate and nighttime ready, you can wear them to church and a pool party, and again, you’re only having to think about ONE piece of clothing to create the outfit!  Fashion doesn’t really get better than this, in my opinion.  Kim probably thinks I’m the girliest chick ever because she never sees me in anything but dresses, but the truth is that I’m not the girliest, I’m the laziest!

Nothing cuter.  Except maybe a little pink bunny or my niece, Molly.

Summer Need #5:  Sandals

I was tempted to put the title as flip-flops, but I’m leaving the category open to include a few variations on the normal flippy-floppies, because summer sandals take on so many cute forms!  It’s not like you can put on your sunglasses, cutoffs, and bikini, then toss on a pair of socks and sneakers.  Well, I mean, I sincerely hope you’re not doing this!  You need some great summer foot decorations, and there are so many (cheap!) styles in right now.  Gladiator sandals are still pretty huge at the moment, and the many variations on these are endless.  Flip-flops are my personal go-to item because I somehow have ended up with roughly 500 pairs over the years in different colors, fabrics, and brands.  Leather one-straps, bright pink flip-flops, white gladiators, gold strappy numbers, there are about a bagillion (it’s a number, trust me) ways you can make your feet look summery and fashionable from May-August, and please take a moment to at least stop in at Target at grab something that will work with most of your clothes.  I saw a lovely woman in a cute sundress the other day…..with what can only be called orthopedic monstrosities on her feet.  Now, if she has some serious foot disability precluding her from better footwear, then I apologize, but if not, Lady, I hope you’re reading.  It’s just never OK to do what you’ve done.

If you watch SNL…“I got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies”

Summer Need #6:  Undone Hair

Dude, it’s hot.  The last thing I want to do is stand in the bathroom blow-drying and flat ironing my hair on a cold day, why on Earth would I want to do this when I’m dying of heat exhaustion???  No way, we each need to work out a summer hair regime with as little prep time and maintenance as possible.  If your hair is long, just throw in some mousse and shine serum and let it go, and if this is not working for you, try out a trendy low side-bun (the look I wear 3 times a week to avoid hair washing. Yes, I’m gross), or low ponytail.  If it’s short, cute headbands work miracles to cover up an undone look.  And want to know the trendy secret weapon to making all undone hair look totally summery-chic?  A big, huge, flower pinned to one side, Hawaiian-style. It’s almost like a pair of sunglasses; it covers up a multitude of hair sins.  When the temperature outside is over 90 degrees, chlorine is in every strand, and the sun is frying it every time you walk outside, the last thing your poor hair needs is a heat-styling marathon.  Give it, and yourself, a break.  The plus side:  it looks really pretty to “let your hair down” sometimes.  You might find yourself matching your attitude to the low-maintenance hair you’re rocking.  Retire the blowdryer for daily use, and see what else gets into an easy summer-groove in your life.  I’m telling you, personal style affects personal life.  It’s scientific, I’m certain.

I love summer hair!  Soooo easy and beachy and fun!

Summertime, ladies.  Think Bob Marley and bare feet.  Let’s leave this one with Katy Perry’s new and fun lyrics as our summertime anthem for fashion:  Daisy dukes, bikinis on top, sun-kissed skin so hot we’ll melt your popsicle, oh-oh oh-oh.

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June 2, 2010 - 7:22 pm

Corey Sewell - Love it!

June 2, 2010 - 11:01 am

Allison Bess - Love it!! You should make a post about how to pick the right sunglasses for your face type 🙂

May 29, 2010 - 2:36 pm

Christa Scott - Jenny – I couldn’t agree more with #3 – sunglasses. I never believed this until I invested in a pair I felt amazing in…and now I love my sunnies! You are oh so wise when it comes to fashion! Thank you for helping me grow in my fashion wisdom…one Friday at a time!

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