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Clueless, Couturious, and Cost-Effective

How many of you have seen (and love) Clueless?  Well, if you, like me, watched with envy as Alicia Silverstone’s character used her computer to scroll through her clothing database, match tops with bottoms, and create adorable outfits on a virtual model, then you’re going to understand my ECSTASY over this amazing site I’ve recently discovered!  Even if you didn’t watch that scene dying to be her like I did, I can bet at least once in your life you played with paper dolls or dressed up a Barbie, or two, or 80.  I’m also going to go out on a limb here and say at least once a week you wish, just wish, you had something to wear in your stupid mish-mash of stupid clothes that you hate and stupidly bought while stupidly thinking they were cute.  Honey, it’s all of us.  Well, this is the only way I’m creating outfits from now on because it’s so much better than trying on 4,000 things from my closet and leaving them all on a heap on my bedroom floor!

Couturious is the fashion site I’ve now become an avid fan of and everyone needs to jump on it!  Let me tell you how I see this site can be working (free!) for each of us:

Big Event Shopping:

Ok, you have to attend an event that requires some kind of totally dressy look and the thought of rifling through racks of dresses, wandering aimlessly through stores, and ending up in a thrown together getup you don’t even like with a pair of shoes you just know don’t go, is seriously affecting your sleep.  Don’t deny the invite just yet, this site can be your saving grace!  You can do your research before shopping!  This site has actual products from all kinds of brands from American Eagle to Betsey Johnson to Prada.  You can create an entire look and then actually go buy (or order online) the products, or, like I have done twice now, create the look, print it out, and take it with you to the mall.  Picture it like grocery shopping—you take a list don’t you?  How easy would it be to have a shopping list for clothing?????  I honestly did this, walked into two stores, showed the saleschica my picture, and let them help me find the pieces. 30 minutes later, I had my swag.  Brilliant, ladies, simply brilliant.

Trying Out “Iffy” Looks

Ok, skinny jeans are tricky, leggings under certain things are not always good in the application, and some dresses only look good on the mannequin.  With this site you can play around and create “styles” to see if you like them and how you can work them to your advantage.  Dying to get a little more rocker with your wardrobe?  Try some stuff out on these virtual paper dolls!   Wanting to see what accessories you should be putting with certain outfits you already wear?  This is your chance to get all trial-and-error with it.  Last week I was wondering if Chuck Taylors looked good with skinny jeans, I logged in, and bam!  Turns out they look awesome!  I didn’t have to buy anything, drive anywhere, or mess up my closet.  I’m telling you, it’s changing my life.

Punch Up Your Own Style

Are you always wearing the same three outfits, in various rotation, depending on the laundry cycle?  Don’t worry, we all are, but this can help!  I played around on this site for hours the other day just mixing up stuff, layering pieces, and checking out accessories and it really made me look in my closet differently.  I’m not especially fond of jewelry and I tend to use the same purse for months, but this inspired me to purchase a necklace (something I never do) and think about switching up my bags more often.  To see the models in the different looks I was creating was making me see the different ways I can incorporate pieces I already have, and buy a couple new ones, to kick my style up a notch.  I bought a wide red belt and bright red glittery “Dorothy” heels for Las Vegas recently, and after playing with this site I paired them with an all-white work outfit yesterday.  Well, Kim, KB, and Christa all complimented the outfit!  I probably wouldn’t have brought those accessories into daylight hours without the site letting me play around with looks.  I’m telling you, it’s inspiring.

The amazing site!  This is how your creations look.  You can change model, background, and every single thing they’re wearing!

I think it’s good also because it reminds you that clothing is fun!  I know I always tell you this, but I know many of us view our closets as the enemy and certain trends as objects  sent to destroy us—but it’s not the truth!  Fashion can be really fun when you learn that you’re in control and it works for you.  I’m always looking for easy, cheap, fun ways to help people work on their wardrobes and this one is fantastic.  Check out the five looks below that I made recently, and honestly printed out and took to the mall this weekend.  Well, that and two things I bought right online from the website, and should be arriving soon! How exciting!  It’s like I’ve become my own stylist—but for real this time!  Get going girlies, let’s doll up and hit the town in mega-watt glammy-glam fashionista style!  (Or…just in a cute outfit)

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