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The Sunscreen Lecture

You’re about to get a lecture, so sit down and be quiet, young lady.  Every once in awhile you need one, and you’re getting one today.  I want no arguments, and no back talk, and if you can’t cooperate you can march yourself right back down to your bedroom and decide when you’re ready to […]

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The Everywoman Needs List

There are some things every woman, be they teacher or race car driver or mom or novelist or saleslady,  just needs.  A really great best friend who never puts their phone on silent.  A man, be it father/brother/husband/boyfriend/son, that thinks of her as the most wonderful girl they know.  A boss that appreciates them and […]

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nicole & hank ~ engaged | ♥ kb

I can’t wait until these two tie the knot! Nicole is going to make a stunning knock-out bride and Hank is going to give new meaning to the word dapper. I could take pictures of these two all day… and I’m looking forward to doing just that in October! Psst, Hank – I hope you […]

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Fashion Through Our Ages | by JennyP

“What is that woman wearing?”  “Who does she think she is?”  “Oh my gosh, look at the woman right behind you!”  “Did she raid her daughter’s closet?”  “Is she a nun in her off-time?”  “I had those jeans in 1988” We’ve all said this stuff.  We’ve all pointed and giggled.  We’ve all been mean girls, […]

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The Swimsuit Panic Epidemic | by jennyp

That harsh overhead fluorescent lighting, the tiny dressing room that feels as though it’s being pumped full of hot stale air, a swimsuit in the size you thought you wore, and your image in the mirror—just a hideous beast with ripples and dimples and folds and creases on pasty stretches of skin that hasn’t seen […]

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