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Holiday Parties and Stressful Dressing!

How many of you have been having holiday party outfit panic attacks since November?  Your company is having a party, your husband’s company is having a party, your girlfriend’s company is having a party, and everyone in between is having a party that you’re supposed to look fabulous at, just like last year and the […]

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Fashionable, Even While We Sleep

Have you ever been going on a trip where you need to look incredibly adorable as you go to bed?  Ahhhh me too.  Tomorrow actually.  I leave for the east coast for 5 days (!!!!) and I know there will be much activity at night, in the house, but before bedtime.  Thus, I need super […]

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Holiday Attire and Other Fashion Mistakes

My mom is adorable. She’s the best mom in the entire world, from my very unbiased opinion, and she makes the holidays amazing every single year of our lives.  But….every Thanksgiving…she wears a shirt that is..not my favorite (she reads this, I’m treading carefully…).  It’s become a running joke that she wears this same shirt […]

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Frump Slump Grump

I had a rude awakening recently, and it’s made me look hard in the mirror and ask myself, “At what point, Jennifer, did you stop trying to look exceptionally cute…ever?” I know I’m not alone in this! Here’s what happened:  I had dinner with a very dear, loved, bestie best friend I hadn’t seen in […]

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sean + jennifer | associate photographer

{posted by kb} A couple weekends ago we spent the most beautiful day hanging out with Sean, Jennifer, and their two daughters, Lizzie and Katie at Desert Highlands Golf Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was one of the first weddings of the season that had perfect weather… the kind that makes you want to kick off […]

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