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The Many Faces of Fashionable Ladies

Do you ever stop and think about how complicated it is to be an American woman?  We’re sort of amazing.  About 100 years ago, we were viewed as less-than-a-citizen and couldn’t vote.  About 50 years ago we were placed in one role and one role only: housewife.  About 20 years ago, we were supposed to […]

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Future Sooooo Bright…

One of my favorite readers, little miss Allison Bess, suggested I do a post on sunglasses for every face shape, and girlie you are right on!  Sunglasses are to me what a cape is to Superman—the necessary accessory to complete my superhero getup (or just to cover my makeup-free, tired face…erroneous).  I love sunglasses so […]

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Boudoir Fashion

Boudoir, pin-up, corset, lace, see-through, frilly, sexy.  No, surprisingly I’m not talking about your undergarment drawer, I’m talking about the latest fashion trend of outer-wear resembling underwear!  Is is just me, or have you guys also noticed the influx of Moulin Rouge-looking pieces creeping into TV shows, department stores, and my closet?  Well, it’s because […]

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courtney + josh | associate photographer

She loves him with all of her heart and, as you can see below, some serious giddy-schoolgirl-smackdown UMPH. I don’t think her Josh will ever be the same =)). I Can’t wait to hang out with these two on their wedding day! I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing, happy, silly, emotional and […]

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Vacation Baggage

Don’t you hate it when you FINALLLLLLLLLLY get to your amazing vacation location and realize you have all the wrong clothes?  Or you forgot to bring those shoes?  Or you look way different than anyone else there?  Ah, me too!  I thought, with it being summer and all, maybe I should help out all my […]

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