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Style Icon: Elizabeth Taylor

Oh what a sad week it is, when the most beautiful woman in the world passes away.  At the age of 79, the incredibly beautiful, sexy, talented, tumultuous, complex, violet-eyed Elizabeth Taylor passed away and I have to say, I feel pretty sad. To me, there are actors and then there are MOVIE STARS and […]

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Sleep Lines, Wrinkles, and Bears, Oh My!

Ok, there’s no bears, but I find the other words in this sentence just as scary!   I asked the amazing Sarah Sanmarco another facial beauty question, and this one is coming from me.  Check out her informed, glorious opinion below: Q: I sleep on my face and have allergies which means I ALWAYS have thin, […]

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The Perfect Smoky Eye

Yay!!  Some questions came in and I’m getting right to the first one! The lovely Amanda asked me to interview my favorite makeup artist about the perfect smoky eye, and my friend, I have your response 🙂 For this question, I asked my all-time favorite makeup artist, the AMAZING Sarah SanMarco, who has done my […]

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Writer’s Block

Help.  I’m having a SERIOUS brain drought when it comes to interesting topics right now!  Have you ever just knocked on your brain and heard a cavernous, echoing response?  Yeah, that’s me right now.  I’ve been staring at my computer screen, coming up with nothing, my peeps. Here’s my proposition-let me know some topics you’d […]

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What to Wear: When You’re Broke!

Oh my goodness, have you ever had one of those weeks/months/years where you feel like you’re working and working, just to watch money drain out of your bank account?   I know that in 2010 we ALL felt that way, and let me tell you, this week is killing me, people.  To make a long story […]

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