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Style Icon: Elizabeth Taylor

Oh what a sad week it is, when the most beautiful woman in the world passes away.  At the age of 79, the incredibly beautiful, sexy, talented, tumultuous, complex, violet-eyed Elizabeth Taylor passed away and I have to say, I feel pretty sad.

To me, there are actors and then there are MOVIE STARS and Elizabeth Taylor was a true movie star, one of the last remaining icons from that Golden Era of Hollywood, and to have her go means we are losing that era a bit.  So, here’s a tribute to that woman that was revered in her lifetime as the most beautiful woman alive.  Can you imagine, being known that way?

Elizabeth Style Point #1:  Be Genetically Blessed Beyond Reason

I mean, it’s not hard to be in style when your face could sell a million dollars in movie tickets at a time when movie tickets were less than a dollar. You cannot stop looking at this woman’s face!  Her purple eyes, her pouty mouth, her steamy gaze…..she’s so beautiful it hurts.  Oh and the smokin’ hot body doesn’t hurt.

Elizabeth Style Point #2: Make Everything Sexy Without Trying to be Sexy

She isn’t trying to be sexy, she isn’t really doing anything sexy, and she certainly didn’t live in a time when revealing clothes were accepted, but oh my goodness did she have sex appeal!  Yes, her personal life’s marriage turnover rate added to the flame of her fire, but she was such a great example that sex appeal doesn’t come from skimpy outfits or surgically enhanced bodies or inappropriate public displays, it comes from some inner reservoir of HOT.

Elizabeth Style Point #4:  Don’t Give it All Away

Elizabeth Taylor didn’t give a million interviews on her personal life, she didn’t write a tell-all book, and she certainly didn’t run around places begging for paparazzi. There were a million rumors swirling around her life, a million ideas about who she was, and a million versions of stories including her, but you weren’t hearing it from her.  She kept her private life private as much as she could. She had controversy but she didn’t comment on it.  She didn’t attend every single trendy event, and she didn’t sell out her friends (she never spoke talked about Michael Jackson, Liza Minnelli, etc).  The woman was a bit of mystery.  There’s nothing more stylish than being classy, and she was by not giving it all away.  Her presence was a privilege, her words were a privilege, and she was smart to make it that way.

Elizabeth Taylor Style Point #5: Work the Brows

Her eyebrows were amazing.  Just check them out. They speak for themself.

She will be so missed!


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