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Sleep Lines, Wrinkles, and Bears, Oh My!

Ok, there’s no bears, but I find the other words in this sentence just as scary!   I asked the amazing Sarah Sanmarco another facial beauty question, and this one is coming from me.  Check out her informed, glorious opinion below:

Q: I sleep on my face and have allergies which means I ALWAYS have thin, sleepy/irritated lines under my eyes and dryness all around there. Help!  On the rare occasion I get really good sleep and don’t have itchy eyes, the lines aren’t there so I know it’s not just wrinkles, they’re better some days, worse some days… idea how to combat this! What do I do???

A: (from Sarah SanMarco)

Get more sleep! LOL! 🙂
  • One thing we lack living in this dry climate is moisture! Duh! 🙂  If you sleep with a “cooling” humidifier in your bedroom (like these below), this will put moisture back into the air & your skin.  Your skin will then be more resilient & pep right back up!  It will also help detoxify your air, eliminating some of the allergens in the air, at least in-doors. 🙂  Try this one:  Vick’s Humidifier
  • You can also use good old cucumber slices when you wake up in the morning!  Anything with cooling agents will reduce the puffiness allowing the skin around your eye to breath again.
  • An eye gel is great also.  Try these:  Lavere Eye Gel Roller and Clinique’s – All About Eyes is a good one & great for the price!
You have to be careful & try to prevent these lines ASAP, bc where you see those lines now, will lead to deeper wrinkles in the future.  I see it all the time on ‘women of age’, I can usually tell what side of their face they sleep on most.  Remember to use a eye cream or eye gel on your eyes 2 X a day, & under your makeup!  So important for preventing wrinkles, even at a young age!


Thank you Sarah so much!  I am literally going to do ALL of these things!  I know I have to train myself to sleep a different way but it’s so hard!!!  Thank you for the amazing tips!

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