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Fashionable, Even While We Sleep

Have you ever been going on a trip where you need to look incredibly adorable as you go to bed?  Ahhhh me too.  Tomorrow actually.  I leave for the east coast for 5 days (!!!!) and I know there will be much activity at night, in the house, but before bedtime.  Thus, I need super cute jammies.  So let’s look at my favorite nighttime looks! (Most of my pictures are from Victoria Secret, if you’re looking to shop, they’re my FAVORITE for jammies)


Classic and perfect and I love.  Flannel jammies are a no-brainer, but there are some ways to make them look adorable, as opposed to frumpy.  First off, no one wears tight flannels, the pants should fit you like wide leg pants and hit the floor. Also, while it’s very cute, to also wear a boxy matching shirt isn’t especially cute so I prefer to pair wide bottoms with a tight top (my rule in normal clothing as well). Two slouchy pieces just makes you look bigger than you are, and shapeless.  A thermal top, a tank top, or a fitted t-shirt is a good way to look adorable, while also being comfy!

So cute.  SO cute!!!

One-Piece Jammies

I received a paid of Jumpin’ Jammerz footed pajamas for Valentine’s Day once (hilarious take on “lingerie”) and they are pretty much amazing.  While they’re not everyone’s first idea on being adorable at bedtime, there is much to be said for being adorable funny! They also happen to be super warm, and if you’re headed to somewhere cold, like I am, they are worth a try!  You might hate them on, but you also might be surprised!  They’re fun, they’re cute, they come in a plethora of patterns, and they add some smiles to sleepy time.

Yup, those are my beloved footies, in my room, just reading.  Classic.


Oh my goodness I didn’t realize that thermals had become SO cute!  Last night, at Target, I was awakened to the extreme stylish fun that is now the world of long underwear-who knew?! With a bunch of fun patterns and styles and the fact that they are pretty functional, these are moving up on my winter jammies list!  I bought some pink-and-gray ones last night that I’m fairly obsessed with now. Loving them, everyone should go buy some! They’re cute paired with a comfy t-shirt or the thermal top itself!

Victoria Secret does it all right, all the time.


I am a total sweats girl, but man you have to walk a fine line with them in keeping them cute, and not schleppy.  I like the fitted kind that mirrors cute pants, with a flare at the bottom.  I also like the cropped ones you scrunch up at the bottom from Victoria Secret.  I do NOT like the traditional Hanes ones with elastic everything and a crotch the length of my entire leg.  No thank you.  And again, like with thermals, baggy on bottom means tight on top!

Love them!!!!!!  I need to go buy these exact ones…now

All in all, I packed my ASU sweatpants (Go Devils!), a new pair of red plaid flannel pants, and the new cutie thermal pants.  I’m feeling pretty good about these choices! And yes….I am planning pajamas.  I do this, OK?  Here’s a picture of my night’s planning, hope it makes you smile today!  Annnnd…now I’m off!

Yup, those are also sparkly slipper F-Uggs (fake Uggs).  I’m sure lots of grown women do this on a Tuesday night!


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December 3, 2010 - 9:23 am

Heidi @ idieh | design - I promise. Jenny tied my arms behind my back, forced me into this one-piece jammie and held me hostage until I posed for this picture. Promise. I had NO DESIRE to do this. No really. Okay, maybe I kind of wanted to do it. I love it!

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