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Your Hair, Your Glory

We all know that famous quote that a woman’s hair is her shining glory, right?  Man, if you’re having a hair month like I am (WAY overdue for a cut and just grossing me out daily), then this quote could really ruin your day.  Can’t my sparkling wit and humor be my shining glory???  Eh, c’est la vie, it’s the hair, so let’s talk hair. Everyone has two things:  a face shape, and a hair style.  The thing is, these two need to coincide to make the other one look good, so let’s take a look at face shape versus hair style. Also, let’s text my hairstylist and beg for an appointment, so Kim doesn’t have to keep seeing me like this, she’s got to be afraid at this point.

Round Faces

If your face is round, the best hairstyles that work on you are longer than chin length, with volume in control. Curly hair and round faces are something to be careful with, because you don’t want to add volume to your cheeks.  By pulling the hair below the chin (especially cuts right below the chin, mid-neck level) you can elongate your face.  You also want structured layers, again to balance the middle volume of a round face.  Katie Holmes has a beautiful round face, watch her hair moves!

Long/Oblong Faces

Think width as the goal here.  You don’t want all one-length super long hair, because you already have a long, same shape face, it’s only going to make it look longer.  Bangs can add some width, but what you really want to focus on here is layers.  You want layers to break up the volume and flow of your hair, to add some change to the straight shape of your face.  A jaw-length bob can also look really great, so long as the hair isn’t shorter than your chin.  I have a longish face, and layers are my most favorite things ever, because when it gets really grown out (like right now…seriously, I need my hair cut) I start looking in the mirror and wondering who Mr. Ed is…and then realizing it’s me.  Shoot. Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson both have lovely oblong-ish faces, I try to watch their hairstyles as they change.

Square Faces

The goal here is to tone down a very prominent square jaw, therefore texture can help a lot. Curls are great on a square face, as are choppy ends, stacked cuts, and anything a little bit funky, or a little soft.  Does that make sense?  When you have a strong jaw, the goal is to deflect by way of texture and movement near your face.  Avoid anything all one length and blunt cut bobs, this will only accentuate the shape further.  Check out Kate Winslet at all times, she has a great-looking square face!

Heart Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are usually most prominent in the pointed jaw region, so the goal with hair is to pull the view up to your lovely eyes and adorable nose.  Side-swept bangs can do this amazingly, as can a part that is obvious and falls below your chin, and soft layers to balance a heart-shaped face.  You want to avoid really blunt, heavy bangs and chopped layers.  Pretty much, you can just watch Reese Witherspoon and do what she does, as she has the most famous gorgeous heart-shaped face.

Having said all that, the best hair is the closest to your natural color (don’t get me wrong, I punch mine up a shade, but I don’t bleach it platinum or anything), clean (as mine rarely is), and healthy (hence, I need a haircut).  Keep these things in mind first and foremost and you’re ahead of the game!  Now please excuse me, I’ve got to find a headband big enough to cover this disaster….or a hat.

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