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What to Wear: In Vegas

Ok sooooo this is going to be a shorty, quickie, fast article this week–as I’m heading out the door to LAS VEGAS!!!!   Vegas is so much my favorite place to go, and it’s 100% due to the clothing that I get to wear while there!!!  I’m going to give you my basic Vegas outfit rules, and then my friends, I’m off to dance and gamble and cause trouble!

Vegas Outfit Rules

Don’t Look Like Your Normal Self

Most days you can find me in a sundress, shorts, or  jeans, usually with flip flops on my feet.  But in Vegas????   The goal here is to be someone else, let loose, go crazy–your clothes should reflect this!  You normally wear minimal makeup?  Then rock the cat-eye eyeliner in Vegas!  You normally wear baggier clothes?  Then stuff yourself into something skin tight in Vegas!  You always wear black/grey/navy?   Then I hope you’re wearing hot pink in Vegas!  Get out of yourself and get into the city.

Less is Much Much Much More

Come on, the only thing you need to show in Vegas is skin.  I don’t care if you’re 300 pounds or 90 pounds, you gotta flash some skin.  This is a land of showgirls!  Go shorter than your mother would approve, lower cut than your job would allow, and strappier than you thought a piece of clothing could be while still staying on your body!

Focus on One Word While Dressing:  Fun!

You think your dress is way too short, your shoes are way too high, your makeup is borderline high school theater, and your hair is somehow sprayed into a Fergie-esque faux hawk pouf—-ummm, this means success!   There’s a reason Halloween is so fun, people, dressing up is fun!  There aren’t a whole lot of places that support the truly absurd and out-there clothing the way Las Vegas does, so live it up!   You’re only there for a few days, you’ll never see these people again, and come on, we all know what they say about Vegas…..

Party on friends, see you Monday through tired eyes, sore feet, and an empty wallet!!!

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