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    The Kimberly Jarman Photography Studio specializes in Portrait and Wedding Photography. We are located in the historic district of Downtown Mesa, but are willing to travel all over the world. We have been photographing Weddings and Portraits for over 13 years and have won numerous awards for our photography.

    We love weddings, as well as we love working with High School Seniors, Families, Models for fashion photography, and fitness style shoots, as well as many other types of photography.

  • Winner of "Best Photographer" 2012 by Arizona Bride Magazine
    Winner of "Best Photographer" 2011 by Arizona Bride Magazine
    Winner of "Brides Choice Awards" by WeddingWire. 2009, 2010, 2011
    Invited to join the Platinum List of "Wedding Style Magazine" by Grace Ormonde 2011
    Featured on the Cover of Arizona Weddings Magazines 2011

    Kimberly Jarman's images have been featured in Arizona Weddings Magazine, Arizona Bride Magazine, The Wedding Chronicle, Phoenix Bride and Groom, Destination I Do, Haute Living Magazine, June Bug Weddings, Elizabeth Anne Designs, and several industry blog sites.

Wedding at the Desert Foothills Event Center | Haley & Derek

I adore me some cowboy weddings. Put boots, a dress, a barn, and beautiful people together, and I’m in heaven. The details at this wedding were stunning and we had so much fun with Haley, Derek and their family and friends.  This Wedding at the Desert Foothills Event Center was perfect in every way!! Coordinated, by the uber talented Rachael Dufresne of Imoni Events, it was so lovely. Thank you Haley and Derek for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful event!!

Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-1 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-3 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-2 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-4 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-5 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-6 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-7 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-8 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-9 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-10 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-11 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-12 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-13 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-14 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-15 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-16 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-17 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-18 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-19 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-20 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-21 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-22 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-23 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-24 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-25 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-26 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-27 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-28 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-29 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-30 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-31 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-32 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-33 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-34 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-35 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-36 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-37 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-38 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-39 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-40 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-41 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-42 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-43 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-44 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-45 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-46 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-47 Desert-Foothills-Barn-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-DO-48

As always, thank you to our amazing vendors who made this event flawless!!!

Wedding Coordinator: Imoni Events
Linens: Southwick Linens
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Venue: Desert Foothills Events & Weddings
Cake: One More Bite Bakery
Invitations: Page & Mason
Cake: Fancee Cakes
Caterer: BobbyQs
Officiant: The Honorable Chris Whitten
DJ: DJ Dean Michaels
Makeup Artist: Emily Jimison
Videographer: No Box Films
Florist: The Flower Studio



Kimberly Jarman is a Phoenix Wedding Photographer & Arizona Portrait Photographer, located in Mesa, Arizona. We would love to work with you! Please contact us for more information about how to have us photograph your wedding or portrait.

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Wedding at the Regale at DC Ranch | Jordan and David

It’s time to start sharing some of our amazing weddings again… we’ve gone too long doing so. Today we are going to showcase Jordan and David’s beautiful wedding at the  Regale at DC Ranch

I still tear up thinking about David and Jordan’s ceremony… it was so meaningful and good… a great reminder for any married couple and great words of wisdom for anyone getting married. I love ceremonies like that… ones that make you think and make you want to go home and spend time with your spouse.  It was such a beautiful day and I love how everything turned out. Simply wonderful.


RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0012 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0013 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0014 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0015 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0016 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0017 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0018 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0019 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0020 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0021 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0022 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0024 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0025 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0026 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0027 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0028 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0029 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0030 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0031 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0032 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0033 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0034 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0035 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0036 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0037 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0038 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0039 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0040 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0041 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0042 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0043 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0044 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0045 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0046 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0047 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0048 RegaleDCRanch-Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KimberlyJarman-DA_0049


Vendors involved in this amazing day:

Florist: Flora Bella
Hair Stylist: Julie Bathel
DJ: PME Disk Jockey Service
Cake: Put a Fork in it
Venue: Regale at DC Ranch
Officiant: Shaleen Kendrick
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas


Kimberly Jarman is a Phoenix Wedding Photographer & Arizona Portrait Photographer, located in Mesa, Arizona. We would love to work with you! Please contact us for more information about how to have us photograph your wedding or portrait.

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Holiday Mini Sessions 2015



It’s TIME!!!! We are excited to announce our Mini Sessions!!!

We don’t do a lot of mini sessions, and this year it’s ONE DAY only and you WON’T want to miss it!!!



  • Sessions are 20 minutes long.
  • All sessions will take place on Saturday, October 24th.
  • There will be 2 different types of sessions – Outdoors & Indoor Studio
  • Each session will have about 15-20 images that will be displayed in an online gallery for 1 week after the session.
  • Each Mini Session will receive ALL the images from the session as Archival Digital Files (printable up to an 8×10)
  • You will receive a 20% Discount on all additional products, including Canvases, Metals, Mod Prints, Prints, & Albums.
  • We partner with Tiny Prints for Holiday Cards and you will receive exclusive specials through our affiliate link!!!
  • All Mini Sessions will also include a $400 Luxury Gift Certificate that can be used towards a True Art Session with Kimberly Jarman Photography. **The Gift Certificate is only able to be used towards a new session and can not be applied toward the mini session or products purchased at the mini session.


Mini Sessions are different than our True Art Sessions; our mini sessions are simple and geared toward one great portrait, while our True Art Sessions truly are an experience and very customized to each client. If you are interested in a longer session that is geared more toward products & customization, please contact us about our True Art Sessions.


Session with Kimberly Jarman

October 24th (Saturday)
20 Minute session for up to 5 people
*More than 5 people you must book 2 sessions in a row & this is only available for outdoor locations
15-20 edited images
Online Gallery for proofing & ordering & downloading
ALL of the images as medium resolution digital files (printable up to an 8×10)
Tiny Prints partnership for your holiday cards

20% Discount on additional products including Canvases, Metals, Mod Prints, Prints, & Albums.






The outdoor session will be at a location in the East Valley, still to be determined. It will be very natural light and airy. The picture above on the right is a example of a natural outdoor picture.


The studio session is going to be fun. We might even have some mistle toe hanging above to get kids giggling and moms and dads kissing on their kids. It will be a close tight family shot with a white or grey background. We will have fun and it won’t be “stuffy”, I promise!!!




7:00 – 7:20
7:30 – 7:50
8:00 – 8:20
8:30 – 8:50 – NOT AVAILABLE

1:00 – 1:20
1:40 – 2:00
2:20 – 2:40
3:00 – 3:20
3:40 – 4:00



To reserve your session you must email and put MINI SESSIONS in the subject line. To reserve your session we need to know the following:

Your Name:
Your Phone:
Your Email:
Your Address:
How many people will be in the pictures:
Which date and time you would like to reserve:


If you have any questions just contact us!


Kimberly Jarman is a Phoenix Wedding Photographer & Arizona Portrait Photographer, located in Mesa, Arizona. We would love to work with you! Please contact us for more information about how to have us photograph your wedding or portrait.

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The Jarman Family Pictures | Photographed by our KJ associate, Kayla

Every year I make sure that we take family pictures and every year I’m so glad when we do them, and then I stare at them adoringly and can’t get enough of my cute family. This year is a special year because we now have 2 kiddo’s and we need to make sure Kaiden (our now one year old) is finally in pictures all around our house (poor 2nd child syndrome).

We decided to do the pictures in California while we were on vacation, because honestly, who doesn’t love the beach and dream of pictures near the water? There is just something about California that I’m drawn to, so we wanted Cali to be a part of our pictures! I truly LOVE how they turned out and can’t be happier with what we got. I can’t stop staring at them!!!


Before I show them all to you though, I really do have to brag about our photographer, because she’s amazing. Kayla, is one of my associate photographers and I love her and the work she creates. She photographes weddings and portraits for the Kimberly Jarman Photography Studio and I want everyone to see how amazing she is and the work she creates. Kayla is currently accepting sessions and weddings for this summer and fall, make sure you book her if you can!

Through the rest of the summer (August 30th), any session booked with Kayla gets 20% off of their portrait order!!!! She has a few more openings for this weekends sessions at Laguna Beach, CA, sessions for our Pinetop Getaway at the end of August, as well as sessions on weekdays.

Now that we’ve shared with you how amzing she is, look at the beautiful art she created for me and my family!!!


PHOTOGRAPHY BY: KAYLA, associate photographer for the Kimberly Jarman Photography Studio


Kimberly Jarman is a Phoenix Wedding Photographer & Arizona Portrait Photographer, located in Mesa, Arizona. We would love to work with you! Please contact us for more information about how to have us photograph your wedding or portrait.

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Summer Gift Certificate Sale


IT’S A SALE!!!!!!!! We don’t do these often, but it’s summer, so we thought, heck… why not.

For 4 days, Today, Tuesday, June 16th through Friday, June 19th we will be offering a $400 gift certificate for only $100!

It’s real… legit…. we aren’t joking… promise!!!

Use this gift certificate towards any portrait session up until September 30th, on any Kimberly Jarman Portrait session with Kimberly Jarman or Kayla, whether it be in Arizona or one of our Summer Session Specials. This offer can not be combineed with any other offer.

What will this gift certificate get you?  

~A Planning Session where we will begin the process of customizing your photographic experience to reflect you and your personality.

~A Personal Photographic Shoot that captures the essence of you and the people you love most.

~A Cinematic Presentation of your photographs.

~A Design Consultation,   where I will assist in the selection and customization of your wall art, to create a display that will bring life to your home.

The $400 is enough to cover your session fee plus a little extra for product.

If you would like to take advantage of this amazing sale, we’d love to chat with you and get you hooked up!!! Text or call us at 480.203.1090. 

We would love to talk to you a little more about your session and how we can make it perfect for you. We will go over ideas, get to know you a little more, and talk about the amazing Wall Art that we have that will be perfect for you! Text or call us and either Kayla or Kimberly will help answer any questions!

CALL OR TEXT US TODAY!!!! 480.203.1090.

Our normal office hours are Tuesday – Friday from 10:00 – 4:00. We will be able to respond to texts and calls during those hours and can not wait to talk with you!!!



Kimberly Jarman is a Phoenix Wedding Photographer & Arizona Portrait Photographer, located in Mesa, Arizona. We would love to work with you! Please contact us for more information about how to have us photograph your wedding or portrait.

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