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    We love weddings, as well as we love working with High School Seniors, Families, Models for fashion photography, and fitness style shoots, as well as many other types of photography.

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101 things to do in 1001 days

101 things to do in 1001 days

A while back a few of my friends, Melissa Jill, Liene Stevens, and Jennifer Bowen all created lists of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I said I was going to do it, but never took the chance to write them down. So, while I was in Sedona with Melissa she made me take out a piece of paper and write out as many goals as I could on our way home. I’m really glad she did because I really do like goals and wanted to get working on them.

So, I have joined the bandwagon of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Hopefully I can start making somewhat of a dent on the list. Some goals are business and some are personal. I have 5 more that I need to think of, but that will come in time.

I will update once I complete one and let you all know the progress!

1. Published in Destination I Do

2. Go to Asia/Africa and take pictures

3. Wedding in Italy

4. Open up a studio (Complete August 11, 2007)

5. Successfully switch my company name to Kimberly Jarman Photography (Complete December 2007)

6. Get a new logo – (Complete July 23, 2007)

7. Get printed products made – brochures

8. Win a photography award

9. Published in Rangefinder

10. Speak at a PICtage conference

11. Have a baby☺

12. Work out faithfully 3 times a week for 2 months

13. Get a blog with bigger photos on it – (Complete August 11, 2007)

14. Find a software package for clients (Using ShootQ Software)

15. Get packaging for the studio

16. Stickers with logos (Complete December 2007)

17. Outsource color correcting

18. Cruise around Mediterranean

19. Cruise in Bahamas/Caribbean (Complete December 2007)

20. Shoot a wedding in Disneyland

21. Read 3 business books in 6 months

22. Quiet time every day for 2 months

23. Go on a vacation with a group of friends outside of Arizona

24. Go to Sandiego with my sister for a weekend by ourselves

25. Take pictures of my parents

26. Make a album of the twins for my sister

27. Take the twins to Disneyland

28. Make a album of personal pictures

29. Road trip to just take pictures

30. Photo Essay on New Orleans

31. Trip to New York

32. Go to the Florida Keys with Mary Beth and Ryan

33. Family picture of the Gerharts (the entire group) (Complete December 2007)

34. Make a nice book for Grandma McClean (Family History)

35. Engagement Pictures of Katie and Bart

36. Take Dance lessons with Jamie

37. Go to the Sundance film festival

38. Go to a Broadway musical

39. Go to Durango/Silverton/Uray

40. Trip with my parents to Hawaii

41. Outsource cleaning of my house

42. Write a letter to my compassion child (Complete November 2007)

43. Visit Compassion child in Africa

44. Get another Compassion child in Asia

45. Look into the adoption process for Russia and Asia

46. Take Golf Lessons

47. Create a business manual

48. Business Exit Plan

49. Experiment In studio viewing of wedding pictures for clients

50. Figure out a way to get customer Feedback/Survey

51. Go to Disneyworld

52. Walk a 5K

53. Write a business plan

54. Look into having associate photographers

55. Be on Simple Photo Minute

56. Hold a conference or session with Melissa Hester

57. Organize a shoot around town for a PUG meeting

58. Organize a photographer shootout for families

59. Go to Yellowstone Park

60. Do a trash the dress session (Completed 9/30/07) Jennifer and Nick Loving

61. Go to Bryce Canyon

62. Drive on the West Coast from Washington to California with my sister, Josh, Christy, JC, and my husband

63. Take Melissa to Salty Senoritas (Completed 7/9/07)

64. Go to lunch once a month for 6 months with Melissa and Jennifer

65. Go out once a month with wedding industry girls for 4 months

66. Market for more destination weddings

67. Wedding in Mexico or Carribean

68. Help Melissa with the One Light Seminar

69. 2nd shoot with IDC photography

70. Golf with Gino

71. OSP SW get together

72. Make T-shirts with my logo

73. Get a set of Studio Lights

74. Develop Senior Portrait part of my business

75. Shoot a band cover

76. Get car decals with logo

77. Recipe book for all family recipes

78. Go back to Nepal

79. Camp on the beach with friends

80. Go to an ABC Meeting

81. Make book of Oregon trip for Grandma and Grandpa

82. Get Senior website up and running

83. Go see Largo Photography Studio

84. Get a wedding into Grace Ormonde

85. Enter some photos in a print competition

86. Market myself in Pinetop for summer weddings

87. Stay at a luxury resort & go to the spa

88. Begin sending out anniversary cards to past clients

89. Make a “press” page on my website

90. Look into hiring a publicist

91. Make a list of my favorite meals and recipes so that I can have certain dishes I cook once a week.

92. Organize my office

93. Get involved in a small group at my church (Complete November 2007)

94. Publish a photography book

95. Journal everyday for a month

96. Put Name Labels in all of my books


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