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Happy 10th Anniversary to my amazing husband


10 years ago today I married this man and have never had any doubts in my decision. He’s been such an amazing friend, father, husband, and support. Yes we’ve had our ups and downs, because every marriage does… that’s what marriage is, a time to grow, learn, and live life together; but I’m so glad I’ve done it with him and we’ve worked hard together to make it last.

10 years seems like a lot, but my grandparents are about to celebrate their 60th anniversary, and I hope that when 60 years comes we can look back and say, wow, we did it;  Look at where we’ve come, what we’ve created, and who we’ve impacted during our life together.


We’ve bought 2 houses, started a business, moved up in jobs, had an amazing little girl and have a little boy on the way, and life is just starting. I’m so thankful that God put us together and has continued to guide us in his plan.

While I always wanted to be out at an all inclusive resort living it up for our 10 year, this year I’m pregnant and sick in bed with the flu and praying I have the energy to even go to dinner with my man. I laugh, because you can’t control life and what it brings you, but you can be thankful for the blessings God gives us and look forward to the future. One day I’ll get to go to that all inclusive, but for now I’ll sit at home, eat my chicken noodle soup, listen to my daughter and husband laugh in the room next door and be thankful for all that I’ve been given these last 10 years.

Thank you Jamie Jarman for being the man you are and loving me even when it’s hard. I love you so much. Happy 10 year Anniversary.


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January 25, 2014 - 9:47 am

kimberlyjarman - Thank you Tim! We couldn’t have made it without God guiding us:):)

January 25, 2014 - 6:42 am

Tim Morris - That is a genuinely, amazingly encouraging blog. Kudo’s to both of you for the beauty of you relationship and honoring God for it.

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