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2013 was truly a wonderful year and we had some AMAZING clients. I wanted to go through and share an image of each of our weddings this year. There we so many great ones to choose from, so we thought we’d just share 1 from each wedding. We are so thankful for these amazing clients!!! We are so excited for what 2014 has to bring!!

Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ- Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-2 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-3 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-4 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-5 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-6 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-7 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-8 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-9 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-10 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-11 Scottsdale-Wedding-Photographer-KJ-12

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