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It’s a sick sick world out there, and we have gotten hit hard.

Normally I wouldn’t post this to my blog because no one really needs to know if i’m sick or not; however, this flu epedimic is real folks and it’s got us knocked down.

I’ve posted on our facebook page that we’ve all been hit with this nasty flu out there, and to please be patient with us as we try to flush it out of our system, but I thought I needed to post here as well so that our fans and clients who read our blog, and not facebook, know as well. I promise that we are trying super hard to function and get through all the work we have to do right now. We are trying to answer emails, phone, and get our images out to clients, but we need your patience!

I’m a perfectionist and HATE not having things done, so when my mom told me the other day that I wasn’t super woman and I needed to rest and sleep or I’ll never get better, I had to listen. It’s true… as much as I want to do it all, my body is telling me take a breather or it will never get better.

This week has been a bust and not much has gotten done work wise or life wise for me. 2 of our 3 office girls are out with it, so we are functioning on a very small staff right now.

We hope to be better by next week and will push hard once we are, but this thing is yucky.

All I can say is stay healthy, you don’t want this…. and if you are sick, I pray you will get better soon! Epidemic go away… we don’t want you!!

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