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Mentor Session with Kimberly Jarman | MS Silent Auction

Over the last 7 years I’ve learned a lot. A lot about life, business, and photography. I started my business while I was a senior in college. I used my grant money from my last semester to buy a camera and a laptop and then created my own website. I got my name out there, […]

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Silent Auction for MS – Our Mission!

Jenny is out in California this weekend watching her wonderful man graduate as a Navy Seal and also enjoying the much cooler weather. She has also generously donated her Fashion Frenzy Friday to a very worthy cause and something both Jenny and I are close to in similar ways. I want to thank her for […]

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Health Craze Obsessions

I’m turning over a new leaf lately, and I’m focusing on my health and creating a better lifestyle for myself, and the idea of liking my body in certain outfits more doesn’t hurt either.  But, as we all know, it’s hard to make those changes!  If you haven’t been going to the gym regularly, it’s […]

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The Arizona Hunger Campaign- Join Our Cause

Food pantries are everywhere, right?  Usually around the holidays you donate some canned goods to your local grocery bins and do your much needed part, and this sustains the system, right?  It’s not like the US is in a hunger crisis such as Africa, and this isn’t an issue as close-to-home as something like current […]

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