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Mentor Session with Kimberly Jarman | MS Silent Auction

Over the last 7 years I’ve learned a lot. A lot about life, business, and photography. I started my business while I was a senior in college. I used my grant money from my last semester to buy a camera and a laptop and then created my own website. I got my name out there, took a lot of workshops, was mentored by some of the best in the country and just pushed through. I had never 2nd shot a wedding before and I just jumped head in. My business grew every year and in the last 7 years I now have a beautiful studio,  3 associate photographers, an amazing office manager and 2 interns. It’s been kind of amazing but a lot of work.

It doesn’t happen over night and you have to be willing to work hard. I’ve learned and trained with some of the best photographers and business people, and it has changed my life and business.

There are a lot of photographers out there right now who have a dream to own a business and to be successful, but they want it all to happen fast, they aren’t willing to invest into their business or their equipment or work to make their dreams happen.

I’ve had the chance to train and mentor a few up and coming photographers and I value those who want to grow and become better. I love seeing how well they are succeeding and many of them have become good friends.

Sadly, I don’t have time to do a lot of mentoring and haven’t offered one on one sessions because of that. A lot of people have asked and I know the demand is out there, so I decided that if I’m going to do one it’s going to be for a great cause.

Many of you have heard about our Silent Auction that is happening this week to raise money for my cousin Christy. She has MS and it has completely affected her life. I want to raise money to find a cure, so we are auctioning off a lot of items this week in hopes of raising $3000.

My donation to the auction is a personal One on One mentor session for a day with me. Like, I said, I don’t do these often because we just don’t have time. This mentor session will be fully up to what you want to learn. We can go over photography, business, accounting, shooting, lighting, etc. We can do a mock photoshoot and I can walk you through things. Pretty much this day will go as you want. I’m dedicating it to your learning.

The bidding is starting at $300 and in all reality this is over a $1500 value, so I’m really hoping that there will be a good bidding war and that those of you who have always wanted to grown in your photography and business will take this as a great investment and opportunity… so come on, head over to the auction site and bid like mad!!! The more money you spend the more secrets I will share with you!!!!!!

Thanks everyone:)

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