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Lady Antebellum | Favorite Friday {These are a few of my favorite things}


Today’s Favorite Friday is going to be short and simple. This has been a crazy hard week full of shoots, a sick kid, crazy emails, a sick Kim, and a to do list that keeps growing even though I continually check things off….so, as i’m sitting here, Thursday night at 6:00 PM, I just finished a session and was about to leave the studio when I realized I didn’t write about my favorite friday. I am trying soooo hard to not forget to do these because i’m having a really good time with them!

So, all of that being said… here is my favorite Friday item for this week……

(and no… I did not take this picture.. it is off the internet)

For those of you who know me well you know that I love music, but i’m not crazy into what I listen to. I know my moods, but i’m pretty easy going with listening to almost anything. I usually let others be the DJ because I just want to hear good music. I don’t keep up on tabs of what bands are doing, where they are going, who they are dating, and what styles they are wearing. I just don’t have time to do that and it’s never been something i’ve done. I can’t tell you everyone’s name in the band and i’m for sure not a groupie. I have only been to a few concerts in my life because they’ve never been a huge deal to me….. so when I told my husband that if I were to ever go to a concert it would be Lady Antebellum he listened.. and listened good!

About a couple months ago my husband surprised me with 2 tickets to see Lady Antebellum and I was SOOOO happy. I don’t know what it is, but I love listening to them and am a huge fan. I can see my self really enjoying a concert  of theirs and i’m overly overly excited for this! He invited one of my very good friends and her husband (shout out to Jen Thye!!) to come with us as part of the surprise as well, so i’m so excited to be able to go on a date, to a concert that I love, with my husband and 2 great friends of ours. It’s a huge treat that never happens in this house, so i’m ecstatic!

Who know’s maybe this concert will change my desires and i’ll want to go to more concerts… we will see. But for now, i’m just so excited that my husband thought so much about pulling this surprise together, so thank you honey!!

I’m also excited because over the last few months I have been running a contest to win Lady Antebellum tickets for anyone who books a session with me up until November 11th (which is today)…. so there is still one more chance to book your wedding, portrait session, senior session, or any other type of session and be entered in to win 2 tickets…. so if you haven’t, you better email today to get that booked!! There’s a pretty good chance you could win!

To find out more about that contest click here. and read more below.

The concert is next week on the 17th. Is anyone else going to make it out there?


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