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Kathy + Andy : Part 1

So, we’ve all decided at the studio that we need to photograph more Jordanian weddings. They are AMAZING!!!!

On 10.10.10 Kathy and Andy partied like we’ve never seen before, then exchanged vows and then partied even more. Jordanian weddings are just one big wonderful and amazing celebration and the party starts early in the morning and truly never ends. I’ve never seen so much dancing and singing. After 14 hours of shooting and 11,000 pictures later ( yes you heard me right), our team of 6 (yes 6) all left with huge smiles on our faces because of the wonderful day we had with Kathy and Andy, and their families. Because we took so many pictures, this blog post is actually going to be broken up into 2 posts.

I was so thankful to have an amazing team this day. Our beautiful bride hired 3 photographers and an assistant. After I had talked to her more about her wedding I decided to add some more help since this was our 3rd wedding in 4 days and it was going to be a long day, so in total there were 6 of us on our team. I have to give a big shout out to the girls who helped!! KB, JennyP, Briana (our new intern), Kadie Pangburn, and Suzanne Melissa. They all did so great and after looking through the pictures, i’m thrilled!!!

I also have to give a big shout out to the amazing vendors who made this event happen. It was spectacular.

Venue: Montelucia:
Florist: The Flower Studio:
Cake: Elegant Cake Creations:
DJ: Little Fox:
Videography: Serendipity:
Paper Crazy:

The day started at the parents house. I and Kadie hung out with Kathy and her family while KB and Suzanne went over and hung out with Andy and his family. At both houses there were major parties going on. The culture is amazing and totally family oriented. Everyone comes over to the house and helps with preparations. On the girls side, they helped with getting ready and then once the bride was dressed they went downstairs and literally danced, beat a drum, and sang. For the guys, all the men actually helped get Andy dressed, while they danced and sang and beat a drum. It was so wonderful.

2 new favorite dress shots!

This is a favorite that Kadie got for me. Kathy’s sister was such a huge help, plus she is my biggest fan, so of course I love her too!! I love all the pictures of the two of them together, because it is so evident how special they are to each other.

Love these images… mom and sister helping out.

Another FAV!!

A text message from a friend who couldn’t make it!

Aren’t the girls beautiful?


This is one of the hardest things about this wedding; I got a call from the bride about 2 weeks before the wedding letting me know that her dad had a heart attack and was in critical condition. He was unable to actually make it to the wedding and it crushed EVERYONE. In memory of him, she put his name on her arm and wore that the entire day.


The guys have an interesting tradition too. It’s pretty neat, but all the men actually get together and dress the groom. While it’s happening dancing and singing are everywhere. The girls said that it was AMAZING!!

Andy looked sharp!

Once the Bride was dressed the real party started! Look at all this dancing!! It went on for hours!

Couldn’t resist showing off these cuties.

Once everyone is ready the groom goes off to the church while the groom’s family comes over to the Bride’s house and asks for her hand in marriage to the groom. They have a big ceremony and drink coffee and dance more.

From where I was located during this ceremony I could see a picture of the Bride’s dad through the priest and the Groom’s family members. It was like he was there in the room with them and I felt like this was a really important and special picture.

Outside of the church more dancing and singing went on! Seriously, no one came into the church until it was just time to start, everyone was outside dancing!!

The church was beautiful and there were some amazing details.

The Bride with her brother and mother, right before walking down. Suzanne got this AMAZING image.

Love the shot of Andy looking down the aisle, and even more the fact that his dad is giving a thumbs up!!

There are SOOO many more pictures to come, so get ready for tomorrow. This is only a taste of what is to come… the Reception was breathtaking, as were the portraits of Kathy and Andy!!

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