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Photo Shoot Time!

So I have the fastest post ever this week because right now we are on our way for our team photo shoot (shot by the amazing Largo Photography) at the State Fair!  So, you guys should know what WE’RE like on the day of a photo shoot when we’re the subjects!

KJ Team Trait #1:  We all freak out over clothes.

Kim Bee called to beg me to bring extra clothes to the studio, Mary and Christa are emailing like crazy on what all they should bring, Kim Jarman has been out shopping and trying things on for me to double check, and pretty much my entire closet was brought to the studio today.  None of us know what we’re wearing, and we’re all picking and choosing from each other’s clothing, and we’re all frantically trying to pose in various ways in 18 different pairs of jeans in front of a mirror.  Yep, just like everyone else, we have no idea what to wear either.

KJ Team Trait #2:  We all freak out over our hair.

I have now heard hair comments from every girl on this team, at least once (except Christa now that I think about it…but Christa has a rockin’ haircut so that’s probably why).  I brought an arsenal of heat styling tools and bobby pins.  KJ got her hair freshly done and I talked to KB this morning while she was blowdrying her also newly colored hair.  Yep, just like everyone else, we have no idea what do with our hair.

KJ Team Trait #3:  We all freak out over makeup.

Lucky for us, Sara San Marco is on her way to save the day in this regard.  If we were left to our own devices, we’d all have lost sleep last night over the idea of our faces on film with all the wrong makeup.  Yep, just like you, we have no idea what to do with our makeup.

The point of this post?  We understand.  It’s good for us to be on this end of the camera sometimes, because we really do know how hard and stressful and scary it can be to try to get it all right in front of the camera.  I’m hoping by the end of the day we’re all like Mary, though, as she seems to really just enjoy it, have confidence in her beauty, and have a good time.  She’s one the of the few people I know, besides Christa actually, that I never hear those very common girl statements of insecurity, “I look fat” “I hate my hair” “My skin is a wreck today”.  I’m going to try super-hard to be like them and just like the way I look in these pictures…..after Sara does magic on my face, the girls approve my outfit, and my hair lies just so.  🙂


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