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I {Heart} Gifts!!!

I have to admit it… I LOVE gifts. I feel special when people give them to me. My heart pitter patters and they make me smile. I mean when you get a gift from someone it really makes a difference… Especially when it’s homemade!!!

Mique was one of our Create Better Images Workshop attendees. She actually won our giveaway that we did. (We gave 1 seat away to a deserving person). She has an amazing story of finding her love for photography and an amazing heart for what she wants to do with her photography. She is an inspiration. You can read her story here.

When she arrived the day of the workshop she gave both Jennifer and I a framed hand made picture of a camera with our logos embroidered. It was awesome!!! I had to share a picture of this amazing talent. I didn’t even know you could do this… (I don’t sew or embroider, so this is cool to me!!)

Anyways thank you Mique. I really appreciate the gift!!!

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July 8, 2009 - 12:08 am

Mique (as in Mickey) - Hi Kim,
Thanks so much for the sweet post.
I'm still getting caught up on blog reading after our trip so I just saw this.
I'm glad you liked the gift! 😉 And I loved making it for you. And giving it to you.
You are the best!!!

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