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MS Walk 2010 | Win a $20 Mojo’s Gift Card!!

I hope by now you aren’t all sick of all of our posts about the MS Silent Auction, because there are only 2 days left and we have a LONG Way to go!!! My goal is to raise $3000 from the silent auction that will go towards helping find a cure for MS. As i’m talking more and more about MS i’m finding more people who have been affected by this horrible disease. Recently I just learned that one of my brides best friends and also one of our clients have been diagnosed with this disease and it has truly affected their lives. When people first hear that they have MS it seems hopeless, but there is hope and there is support out there! This walk is a way to show people that we support them and also a way to raise money to help them fight!

I would love to hear from all of you if you know of someone who has this disease and how this has affected their lives. Please feel free to comment and share your stories. I would love to share more of them with our readers on Wednesday (our last day of the auction).

If you have not yet joined the auction, please do! There are some great things on bid right now and sadly right now there aren’t many bids. I’m hoping that we can raise more money from the wonderful items that people bidded!!!

Wing a $20 Mojo’s Gift Card

That being said, I have to thank Mojo Yougurt (my favorite Frojo store), who has donated some gift cards to the cause. As an incentive we are going to be giving away a $20 gift card today and tomorrow for anyone who joins the bidding war!!! All you have to do is log in and bid today and tomorrow. Every time you bid on an item each day you will be entered into the drawing one time, so the more you bid, the more entries you will get. You can also gain entries by twittering or sharing on your facebook about the auction, just be sure to tag me @kimberlyjarman (on twitter) and  Kimberly ‘Kahn’ Jarman (on facebook). For every time you post about the auction and link the auction website below you will also be entered into the drawing. Please don’t be shy and bid away!!!!

I would love us to raise another $1000 by Wednesday if possible, so please pass on this information to your friends.

Go to this link to start the auction bidding:

If you are asked for an Auction ID and password the information is below.
Auction ID:
Auction Password:

As always, thank you for your generosity, so far we have made over $1000 and I’m in awe of your generosity!! I thank you for joining me in this cause!!

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