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MS Silent Auction–Vendor Spotlight!

Ok, let’s talk about the people we work with often that are donating to this amazing cause!

Mary Jordan

Could we love Mary more?  Or say more about her awesome-ness?  Probably not.  Mary is one of the sweetest, funniest, kindest, and most talented people we know, and we’re completely honored that she is choosing to be a member of our team.  We are also completely honored and touched that she is donating a portrait session on location, as well as a $200 credit toward prints to our cause.  To see more about Mary, please take a look at her link, and thank you Mary!  You’re amazing!

Paper Mango

This stuff is amazing!  Paper Mango is one of our most favorite and beloved companies to work with, and it should be your next favorite new thing.  Creating the most unique and adorable paper products including custom invitations, holiday cards, and everything else you might need, Paper Mango is a freakishly cool venture.  Besides being mega-hip, Paper Mango is donating so generously, $200 toward custom invitations to any event you might be planning!  Thank you so much, friend!

Matage Custom Framing

It says a lot when a photographer has a certain framer they favor and prefer to work with, and for us that amazing force is Matage Custom Framing.  We work pretty much exclusively with Rob Brinton, owner and operator of Matage and you can see his work hanging all over our studio.  Not only does he figure out exactly what each client or studio portrait need, but he works with your budgetary concerns and your time constraints with total ease.  Always on time, always friendly, always turning out work we are excited to hang on our studio walls, Matage Custom Framing is worthy of the most beautiful pictures.  To add more accolades to this very deserving company, Matage has now donated two $100 gift certifcates toward framing.  Thanks so much, friend!

Cabinet Concepts

A few months ago we got a new neighbor, Cabinet Concepts, and immediately we liked them very much, they’re super cool guys.  Then, as time went on and their shop started forming and being built up, we have been completely impressed with their talent, hard work, and beautiful cabinetry.  Their studio is gorgeous and they’ve really created an amazing space next door.  As we’ve gotten to know the gentlemen behind the work, we learned that there is a deep love of precious gemstones and an extensive jewelry collection.  Imagine our happiness and surprise when they offered up a beautiful ruby ring valued at over $4,000 for our silent auction!  Thank you, neighbors!


Go to this link to start the auction bidding:

If you are asked for an Auction ID and password the information is below.
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As many times as we can say it, thank you so much, friends!

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