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A Freaky Film in my Basement

This week our studio has been overrun with a film crew.  The production management company, Big Brain Pictures, in association with the crew from Dynamic Film, are here to film the scary flick, King’s Man. They are legit and they are making a crazy movie. They asked if they can use my basement because it’s a pretty cool basement. When I moved into our studio I was excited to have a basement because eventually I want to shoot down there, but I didn’t realize how creepy and cool the basement really is until these guys came in and transformed it to something pretty freaky. While we are up here editing and working on our lovely beautiful pictures all we hear from downstairs is screaming, crying, shouting, and words like “quiet – rolling”, “action”, “quiet on set”. It’s pretty fun and exciting.

This is the outside of my studio right now.

And here my friends is the FREAKY basement. They are doing rehearsals in these pictures. It’s so cool!!!

Now normally my basement does not look like this. We aren’t really this FREAKY!! But isn’t it amazing what they did to my basement! I’m excited to shoot in here now!


King’s Man

Directed by: Brenton Covington, Dynamic Film

Production Management Company:  Dominic Ross,  Big Brain Pictures

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April 1, 2010 - 1:50 pm

Heidi @ idieh | design - SO COOL! I think you should ask if you can be in it!! Next time I’m at your studio, I’m pretty sure I won’t be stepping foot in that basement. Eek!

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