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Private Jets, Champagne, and Other Everyday Events

Fly: verb:  to move through the air, usually by use of wings adjective:  cool, in style, hip, trendy Wanna know how lucky KB and I, your little JennyP,  were last weekend?  I’ve started writing as a contributing editor for and I’m allowed to pick luxury topics at my discretion.  So, since I’ve found rather […]

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Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest! Scottsdale Mom’s Blog

Head’s up!  We have been so honored to guest blog about photographing your children on the amazing site, ScottsdaleMomsBlog blog, and we want to share our blog posts on their site with our favorite gang!  ScottsdaleMomsBlog is the amazing blog by Joy and Steph, who are passionate about encouraging other Scottsdale Moms to get out […]

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Facebook Party May 28th!

Don’t you wish you had some adorable, professional, hottie shots to post on all your online profiles?  Well, we hear you!!! We’re hosting a Facebook party at our studio and want you to join us!  We’ll be having photography by the amazing KJ and KB team, all our favorite peeps, and one heck of a […]

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not your average birthday | Kimberly Jarman

Whenever you have fifteen plus 11 year olds, more purple than you will ever know what to do with, balloons galore, and a themed birthday party entitled “top chef” you know that this is not your typical 11 year old birthday party. There has to be a master mind behind the entire thing! That is […]

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