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Steve Jobs, You Will Be Missed.

On Tuesday I sat at my apple computer waiting patiently for the announcement of the new Iphone to come out. Well I guess not really patiently, if you were my husband or Elise (my office assistant) you would have known that I was a wreck. I couldn’t wait for the new announcement of the new iphone because i’m a diehard apple fan and when I hear of new gadgets coming out from apple I always want one (also, I do still have the 3Gs and am dying for a new phone). I desperately sat at my computer trying to find a live feed to the keynote from apple and it took about an hour for me to finally realize that I was going to have to be stuck with a blog that was going to give me minute by minute updates and then a live stream of a group of people talking about the blog. So for an hour and a half I listened and continually pressed refresh on the blog so that I could hear the news. I was ecstatic when I finally heard that preorders for the new 4S start on friday and I in an instant emailed the business team at the Chandler apple store to inquire about what I need to do to get one first!! Yes, i’m going to be one of those people this time around.

I wasn’t always this way, but about 10 years ago my life changed when I started working for a company who introduced me to the world of apple (Thanks Dan Smith). It was then that I realized that PC’s would no longer cut it, that I had to get an apple. And once I did I was sold. I never looked back. I bought EVERYTHING apple…. EVERYTHING. The other day my husband and I were in the apple store buying my ipad (which I’m addicted to) and he made a comment that I have one of everything in the apple store. I laughed and said, no I don’t that’s crazy…. and then I started looking around and realized that actually he is right. I’m pretty sure that I do have one of everything in that store as far as computers and gadgets go… wow, I’m really an apple freak aren’t I?

The keynote this time around was a little strange because the man behind all of my madness, Steve Jobs, wasn’t at all involved with the announcements. Everyone was commenting on it and while I didn’t think too much of it, it did feel a little strange. Steve has always been there with product launches, so I think everyone was sad to realize that he really wasn’t involved as much anymore. When Steve Jobs stepped down a few months ago of course everyone was worried of what was going to become of Apple. He told everyone that when he couldn’t do his job anymore he knew he’d have to step down and seeing video’s of him only confirmed that he was getting sick, so I think we were all very saddened by the news. However, I think that most people, me included, just figured he was going to take some time away and relax.

Last night as I was driving to the Diamondbacks baseball game (another one of my obsessions), something flickered across my iphone screen about Steve Jobs, I went to read it but messed it up somehow and wasn’t able to see what it said. I had made the comment to my husband, but we just figured that it was something about the iphone 4s. We got to the game and jumped right into the craziness of everything. It was an amazing game with a grand slam to start off everything and more and more excited fans jumping all around! About half way into the game I got a twitter from Grace Ormonde that said that Steve Jobs would be missed. WHAT? I quickly jumped on the internet and read the news that Steve Jobs had passed away that day and was in shock. Although I didn’t know Steve Jobs personally he personally has affected so many areas of my life.

Today when I woke up and was driving Kailee to school I was listening to the news and all the amazing things people were saying about this man. He was a visionary who jumped in hand first and changed the way we all live. His computers, gadgets, and ideas infiltrate our daily lives. He was a man who dreamed and did things. He looked at life one day at a time and made sure that each day counted.

I normally don’t write up blog posts like this, but today I felt like I needed to thank him and honor him for the things that he did to make our lives better. So, Steve, thank you! You will be dearly missed by many all over the world.



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October 6, 2011 - 6:55 pm

Sam - Short and well-written dedication to one of the greatest visionary and innovator,leader and a great human-being.

October 6, 2011 - 10:22 am

Dawn McKinstry - I agree. What a man… what a work-ethic… what a legacy.

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