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It’s time for excuses again.

Every year I end up going on a little hiatus break from blogging. There are a lot of reasons why and they are all good ones… so I thought I would share them with you and you can tell me if you think they are valid or not.

1) I got abducted by Aliens.

Hmmm, I drew a blank. I guess I don’t have that many great ones:)

Ok, for reals. It’s been a crazy year, and while I wish I could say i’ve been blogging, you all know that I haven’t. That doesn’t mean though that we haven’t been crazy busy over here!

This spring we shot 25 weddings. Yes, 25 weddings!! Needless to say that we’ve been a little busy with post production and albums and have really been trying to keep up with everyone so that our clients get the service that they deserve. We were able to keep up with everything and get images to everyone within our allotted time (thank goodness), and this summer we’ve been cranking out albums like crazy. Between working on albums, vacation time, and this horrible horrible weather, we really haven’t had much time to blog. So, while we have been keeping up on facebook and twitter, the blog has suffered big time.

I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve though and hopefully will get back on the blogging train soon, so keep your eye out for some new posts in the near future.

And, if you are dying dying dying to know what we’ve been up to since the blog has been pretty non-existent, follow us on facebook or twitter. I’m sharing a ton of new sessions, sneak peaks, tips, personal tidbits, and anything and everything!!

Thanks for your support and hopefully soon I will be able to share more of my lovely tidbits, knowledge and gorgeous photo’s in blog world soon!

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