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JennyP’s Top 10 Wedding Moments!

Oh my goodness, as if I could EVER pick just ten favorite pictures of all our wonderful brides, grooms, maid’s of honor, groomsmen (we’ve had some mighty cute groomsmen!), little bitty flower girls, and tearfilled-hilarious-emotional-over-the-top moments all captured perfectly by the amazing team of chicks behind our cameras!

I wanted to do a post on my favorite wedding shots, but it’s really impossible to put ALL of our wedding pictures up (which is what I would do if time and uploading abilities were unlimited in my world), so I shut my eyes and the first images that came into my mind, without looking at the past calendar or anything else, are what I’m posting here.  Of all our gorgeous weddings that I’ve been SO honored to be a part of, these ten images stand out in my mind the most.

It’s hard to say what it is about these ten, as I’m so involved with our brides and grooms and their families, and I’m so emotional on many of their days, that maybe it’s the feeling they gave me that day, the feeling I have when I look at them now, or just the sheer beauty of a great shot.  Whatever it is, these shots move me.

**Disclaimer: If you’re one of our beloved couples and you’re not in the Top 10 image list below, you’re ALWAYS in the top of my heart!  Out of the 345,355,959 weddings we shot this year, I could only pick ten!  Be kind!** 🙂

**Disclaimer 2:  I ONLY put pics taken by KJ or KB, not the amazing Mary or Christa, or any other esteemed shooters we’ve been lucky enough to work with, because it was easier this way! If I could, I’d put up my Top 500!**

(Ps–I titled these myself…just in case you’re wondering who named these so aptly) 😉

1.  Genetics at it’s Best

Oh how I love this picture!  What this family was dealt in DNA is surely unfair, as all these girls were simply stunning (4 sisters + 1 friend)!  I love this shot, against the dramatic curtains of the Valley Ho penthouse. This wedding was the first one I assisted at for the studio, and it’s special to me!  Made me cry more than once!

2. Big Sky Kissing

How pretty are these pictures!  (OK, so I snuck in two here, but they’re joined together!) I LOVE Courtney and Josh, and KB and I had so much fun in San Diego shooting this wedding that everything about their pics makes me smile, but my choice here is just because I think these shots are gorgeous. Look at that sky!

3. Modeling by the Wall

Laurie is hot, Dave is adorable, the couple are super fun–love this picture!!  This was at the Phoenix Art Museum and this wedding was a BLAST!  Mary and I danced all night at the reception, and this picture makes me just want to go back to that fun day! I love Laurie’s movement and Dave’s face SO MUCH!

4.  Cara’s Hot Shoes

Detail shots are not always the most moving, but there is just something about Cara’s amazing hot pink heels that always pops into my mind!  We had a great time at her wedding, and these shoes, while torture devices on her poor feet, were every bit as dazzling in person!

5. Sweetest Kiss Ever

Oh my goodness, when I went through this set of wedding pictures, I could not get over how so in love this couple looked! I loved this picture so much that I kept going back to it, over and over, to just see it again.  It’s so perfect, her leg bent, the big sky, ohhhhh I love it.

6.  Starry, Starry Kiss

A + A’s wedding was UNBELIEVABLE in so many ways! The culture, the music, the dancing, the amazing families–I loved everything about this day! I wasn’t with Kim when she shot this particular image, so I was completely blown away when I saw it later, it’s just so very remarkable!

7.  The Flying V

Oh these boys were so funny!  Groomsmen are not typically excited to get a million pictures taken, but these guys kept us VERY entertained. Calling this picture formation “The Flying V” we were all cracking up by the time we finished their shoot. Love it, love Sean’s face, loved the whole experience on that lawn. Hilarious.

8.  The National Geographic Tryout

I told KB, after seeing this shot, that she’s in the wrong form of photography. This is so breathtaking, from our San Diego wedding with Courtney and Josh, that every time I see it, I’m transported. She should be working for National Geographic Magazine, in my opinion.

9.  Make Mama Smell Nice

I wanted to be IN this family, that’s how lovely they were! Jennifer and Sean were married, including her two sweetie daughters in every step, and I love, love, LOVE this shot of Jennifer getting her perfume spray from her littlest one. It doesn’t get any sweeter in my opinion!

10. Veiled

Is there anything prettier than Heather in this picture?  I can’t even say more, every time I look at this shot, my heart melts a little.  I think it’s incredibly beautiful!

So we had QUITE the year, and it looks like you did too!  There were so many more moments we were lucky enough to be there to catch, and when I look back at our 2010, even just in these ten pictures, I’m really proud.  Happy, Happy, Happiest New Year everyone!

(PS- they say what you’re doing at midnight New Year’s Eve is reflective of your year to come, um…Kim, KB, Briana, and I will be working at a wedding…I’d say that’s accurate! Early congrats to Theresa and Paul–we’re all set to spend our last 2010 moments with you guys! ) 🙂


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