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What to Wear: Summer Weddings

I thought I’d start a new series on here:  What to Wear.  Haven’t we all been invited to something, scheduled to attend some event, and just stood in front of the closet staring into the abyss and knowing full well we’ll soon be heading out to stare into the abyss of some department store, wanting to cry because there’s just NOTHING to wear?  Yes.  We all have.  If you’re doing that right now, I’m so sorry, friend.  Call the studio, I’ll talk you though it.  It’s going to be OK.

So let’s jump into the first logical topic for this blog:  What to wear to summer weddings!   The simple answer here is a dress, but that’s like saying, “Wear clothes”, to me.  My basic guidelines is get something simple, wearable again, and light (it’s hot out there ladies!).  But who wants a basic guideline?  Here are my favorite picks for summer wedding guest attire.  To make this even easier, every single dress below is from Macy’s, my absolute go-to location for dresses.

A Maxi Dress

I love a maxi dress.  It takes some trying on to find one that’s right for you (yes, shorter women can wear a maxi dress, I’ve seen my 5’1 baby sister in one looking quite long and regal!) but a maxi dress is awesome to wear to functions because: 1) it’s so comfortable and 2) it hides all manner of body sins.  You aren’t showing a lot, but you’re looking hot and trendy.  Maxi dresses are amazing for summer in general, but they can look really nice at a wedding as well.  Skinny straps, empire waist, fitted, strapless-these dresses come in all styles.  Just try one, it’s OK if you don’t like it, but you might be surprised!


A Sundress

A sundress is kind of the no-brainer answer here.  It’s super hot, you need to dress up– sundress.  There are SO many cute styles out right now in this category, too!  I am really digging the 50’s style with a fuller skirt, and sometimes pockets aproned into the skirt.  Soooooo adorable!  If the wedding is outdoor, casual, or in the daytime, a sundress is completely appropriate and completely pretty!

Wrap top and tie waist in  bright yellow?  Buy this dress immediately, it’s perfect.

A Sleeved Mini

A lot of women dread dressing up in summer because they don’t like their arms (which I am certain is all in your heads, your arms are lovely).  There are some fun dresses out right now that have sleeves without looking dated or boring.  Usually, though, you’re going to have to like your legs, because you’re not going to get sleeves and length, and you wouldn’t want to, unless the wedding you’re going to is set in the Victorian time period.  In which case I’m jealous  and want to come in a Pride and Prejudice getup!  Invite me!

Even if you love your arms, this dress is rockin!  I want!

A Party Dress

This wedding’s at night, you’re planning to dance it up, and there is a rumored open bar–party dress it is!  How fun to get to wear a poufy, shorty, flashy, glammy-glam dress!  Summertime means you aren’t buried under layers and coats, so if it fits the event, definitely bust out the fun party dress!  I guarantee you won’t be alone.

Shimmy the night away in this, party girl!

A Simple Strapless

My go-to dress for most events is a simple, strapless dress in usually solid colors or benign print.  You can re-wear this over and over, it won’t go out of style, and you will look nice at all times in it.  To dress it up, go black with a high-caliber fabric (satin, silk, etc) or stick with casual lightness for a less-formal look.  Love it, every time.

This is pretty much my uniform at events.  Loving these stripes with the yellow belt!

An Empire Waist

An area of concern for a lot of women is their stomach (again, you’re so lovely, be kinder to yourself!) and in the heat the last thing you want is a dress clinging to those spots you feel self-conscious about!  I understand this, and so do fashion designers, so the empire waist never really leaves the realm of dresses, and we’re grateful!  A light, summer dress with an empire waist means you can breathe, dance, and eat the yummy reception food without feeling like you need to suck in and and dread pictures.  Such a flattering shape, on all the gorgeous bodies we ladies occupy.

Flattering and pretty.  Also, I will never say not to a black dress!

Of course if you absolutely refuse to wear a dress, you can work the light skirt and top look, and I saw a VERY chic woman at a summer wedding in white, wide-leg trousers and a gorgeous yellow tank top once that I wanted to BE, but if we’re going for simple and affordable, this is one thing you can buy to serve all purposes of function and fashion.  Pick something you are comfortable in, can breathe in, and can shake it on a dance floor while wearing!  And trust me, you look so lovely everyone is talking about you, in that good way.

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September 9, 2011 - 6:39 pm

kimberlyjarman - Lauren, i’m not totally sure on where we found that picture.. it’s gorgeous though isn’t it?

August 26, 2011 - 8:41 pm

Lauren - Where can i find the yellow dress with the bow???

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