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Little ones make me happy. Their curiosity, smiles, giggles, excitement over everything and anything. This little guys favorite thing to do was jump. We had so much fun seeing how high he could go! The entire family is also HUGE cardinals fans, so we had to make sure we captured this very important aspect of their life!!! I love this family and this little guy makes me smile from ear to ear. Too cute for words.

Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0001 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0002 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0003 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0004 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0005 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0006 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0007 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0008 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0009 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0010 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0011 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0012 Scottsdale-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-LB_0013

We love helping our clients choose wall art for their home and we loved what Laurie and David choose for their walls.

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