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I love family sessions, especially when they have super cute kids. Alison and Chad were wedding clients of mine ages ago and I loved that they called me when they were in town so that we could take pictures of their amazing kiddo’s. These kids were troopers and did so well. Look at these eyes and the little guys perfect curls. Makes me smile!!!

Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see the beautiful artwork they had made for their home as well. It’s simply stunning.

Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-01 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-02 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-03 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-04 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-05 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-06 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-07 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-08 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-09 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-10 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-11 Tempe-Family-Photographer-Kimberly-Jarman-AS-12

I love that my clients value putting their images up on their wall, because so many people just get digital files and then do nothing with the pictures. When we print our beautiful photographs, we are able to fully enjoy our beautiful families every single time we walk by the pictures. Even if we are having a rough day, you can sit back and look at this amazing day, and your amazing family, take a deep breath and be forever grateful for what God has given you. It’s priceless. I love the pictures that Alison and Chad picked out for their home.

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