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Wall Art at your Design Consultation with the Kimberly Jarman Photography Studio


We have had some of the most amazing design consultations lately and have absolutely loved the result of the finished product that our clients are hanging up on their walls. Our goal at the Kimberly Jarman Studio is to not just take amazing pictures, but to help you design wall art that you can hang up in your house, so that every time you pass your wall and look at your pictures, you are reminded of the people you love and the memories that you made during your session. Sadly, nowadays, most people get a disk of files with their photography session and that is pretty much all. They get the disk or digital download, look through the pictures a couple of times on their computer, and then the images sit on their computer for years. They think they are going to do something with them, but life happens and they forget.  Seldom do people print anything anymore and it makes us super sad. This is why we do things a little differently and we help you create wall art from your session at your very own design consultation.

Design Consultation

The design consultation is when you will view your pictures for the first time. For most sessions, we have you come into our studio and we will display your images up on a projector screen. We will go through the images with you and help you choose the best of the best. We will then show you some really awesome options of what you can do with the pictures. In most cases, we can even show you what the pictures will look like on your walls; this way you know the sizes you will need in order to make it look perfect for your space.

Wall Art

Wall art is totally customized for you. We have different textiles that we offer –  canvas, wood, metal, and mod prints; You can choose what fits your personality and style. We have multiple collections to choose from starting with smaller sized groupings and going up to multiple larger groupings. We help you through this process so that you aren’t overwhelmed. By the time you leave our studio, we’ve already designed your wall art and it’s ready within weeks to hang on your wall!

The Smith Family – Wall Art Collection Showcase

The Smith family just received their wall art collection and were so ecstatic that they sent me over pictures of what it looked like on their wall. I LOVE it so much that I asked them if I could share it with everyone and they were thrilled to let me do so.

To start the process Heather sent me over images of her house where they would possibly put wall art. She taped up a piece of paper onto her wall so that I would know what size of wall art would fit in the space (1st picture below). We started with a few design ideas and finally ended up with the 2nd picture below.


In my software I took the picture she had sent me and put the design on her wall so she could see what it would look like in her space. She loved it and we moved forward with the printing process.


The Smith family opted for Canvases for their walls. We use an amazing canvas company whose work is truly beautiful and I love getting canvases back from them and seeing the final product. The Smith family  hung their canvas collection up this weekend; The image below is of the final product actually hanging in their space. It’s stunning and is a work of art. Their family is now highlighted in their house and every single time Heather walks by those pictures, I know she gets a little teary!



The Ruckman Family – Wall Art Collection Showcase

Recently we were also able to work with the Thompson family. This situation was a little different, in that, when we went to their home for the first time, it was under major renovation. Everything was going to change, so the pictures we took of their walls to show them what their photographs would look like in their house, were not going to look like that the next time we were there. We still came up with some great ideas and then we used their designers design drawings of their space to get a good idea if things were going to fit right and look good.


We recently went back to their beautiful house, for their wedding, and were able to see the final product hung up in the house. It was STUNNING. I was blown away with how gorgeous the final collection was hung up on their walls, and I couldn’t have been happier. They had never had family pictures taken before, so this collection meant the world to them.




We want you to experience this! We want you to have amazing art work that evokes emotion every time you walk by it in your house – artwork that helps you to remember that your family is amazing and special. When you use us to photograph your portrait session, you aren’t going to just get a disk of images that are going to sit on your computer and do nothing; we are going to help you design wall art that you will love forever and ever.

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