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Fall 2014 Sessions

It’s that time of year again where things start going warp speed and before you know it the Holidays are here and it’s time to send out cards to all of your friends and family. If you are like most of us, you aren’t really thinking about Holiday Cards yet, because you are trying to just survive in the month that it is now. However, if your not careful, when it’s time to choose the amazing picture that everyone on your Holiday list is expecting (especially Grandma)  you’ll realize that the only family picture you have of everyone remotely looking at the camera is from the camping trip this summer when the random stranger asked if you’d like a quick picture and snapped a picture with your iphone; And, while it’s a pretty decent picture, none of you had showered for 5 days and let’s just say it’s not 100% grandmother acceptable for a holiday card.

Do you really want to be that person…. again? I say NO! It’s time to think ahead and plan for that amazing family photo. This time you are going to book your session with Kimberly Jarman, while the deal is amazing and the weather is cooling, and you are going to have AMAZING pictures to proudly display all over your house & all over your Facebook!



We have 2 different options for sessions; True Art Sessions (full session) (sessions take place tuesday’s and thursday’s) or Mini Sessions (20 min. session) (Holiday mini session dates are Thursday, October 16th in the afternoon or Saturday, October 18th in the morning)

Here is the difference of the two sessions.


MINI SESSIONS – $350 reservation fee with a $300 credit for products – (**Past Wedding or True Art Session clients receive the entire $350 as a credit for products)

  • 20 minute session
  • Specific date, time, & location
  • One specific location & background
  • Natural Lighting
  • One or two dates per month
  • 15-20 images
  • Basic editing of images
  • 1-5 people depending on session type
  • Email guide of what to wear
  • Medium Resolution Files in all collections
  • Hi-Resolution files NOT available
  • 5 different collections with limited produt options available.
  • Canvas options up to 16×24
  • Wood & Metal Textiles not available
  • Online ordering only, no in studio ordering available. Images online for one week after session

TRUE ART SESSION – $350 reservation fee with a $100 credit for products –  (**Past Wedding or True Art Session clients receive the entire $350 as a credit for products)

  • 2 hour custom session
  • Your location of choice
  • Multiple locations & backgrounds
  • Natural light as well as dramatic lighting
  • Multiple dates offered per month
  • 50+ images
  • Custom edited images
  • Unlimited amount of people
  • Consultation on clothing ideas
  • Medium Resolution Files in all collections
  • Hi-Resolution files available
  • 5 different collections with many product options available
  • Canvas options customizable to any size
  • Wood & Metal Textiles available
  • In Studio ordering session & help in choosing the best products for your home.
  • Part of our Lifetime Portrait Program: Once you’ve done a True Art Session with us, you never pay a session fee again.

Let me know which session interests you and I can send you a full pricing catalog depending on the session type you’d like to go with.



“If you can’t do something perfect, make sure that you find someone perfect to do it for you.” – Kimberly Jarman

I’m so excited that we have found a solution to our Holiday Cards! While we love design and cards, it’s not something that we specialize in, so i’ve been looking high and low for a way to make it easy for you (our clients) to order holiday cards! We have partnered with Tiny Prints this year to help with the ordering and printing of your Holiday cards. Tiny Prints is a leading retailer of premium personalized holiday photo cards and has been recognized for their high quality prints and unmatched customer service. Each card ordered is also hand reviewed before it’s printed to ensure quality and accuracy. To start your order through Tiny Prints, please click on the link on the banner, or you can also find the link under our partners side bar on the left side of our blog. The link  will lead you to our co-branded Tiny Prints Storefront. From here, you can shop for any product on the Tiny Prints site or review a few of our favorite choices.

* Studio Attribution – Clicking on our co-branded Tiny Prints Storefront also ensures that we receive credit for referring a customer to Tiny Prints. This includes our studio name on the back of the cards that you order with a small text based attribution. If you have a concern with our studio name being printed on the back of your cards, you have the option of removing it in the card preview section. The text-based attribution is small, fits in well with the design on the back of the card and is movable


Heritage Square Location #1


Kimberly Jarman will be doing Mini Sessions this year. We have only 2 dates in October available, but have multiple timeslots. To reserve your session you must contact us with the date & time you’d like to reserve. We will then send you out a contract and a we requirea $350 non-refundable reservation fee to reserve the date.  If you are interested in a True Art Session please contact us to see what days Kimberly has available.


Thursday, October 16th – Mini Sessions (7 slots) – Downtown Phoenix – Heritage Square
Afternoon 3:00-3:20PM / 3:25-3:45PM  / 3:50-4:10PM (booked) /4:15-4:35PM (booked)/ 4:40-5:00PM (booked)/ 5:05-5:25PM (booked)/ 5:30-5:50PM (booked)

Saturday, October 18th – Mini Sessions (7 slots) – Salt River Area
6:35-6:55AM (booked) / 7:00-7:20AM  (booked)/ 7:25-7:45AM  (booked)/ 7:50-8:10AM (booked) / 8:15-8:35AM (booked) / 8:40-9:00AM / 9:05-9:25AM


Salt River Area


To reserve your session you must email and put MINI SESSIONS in the subject line. To reserve your session we need to know the following:

Your Name:
Your Phone:
Your Email:
Your Address:
How many people will be in the pictures:
Which date and time you would like to reserve:

We will then send you out a contract and a we require $350 non-refundable reservation fee to reserve the date. You will receive a $300 credit that will go towards products.

If you have any questions just contact us!

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