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What can you even say about your mom????  As you get older, the way you think of your mom changes more and more, as you really get to see all she’s done for you in your lifetime, and how everything you are, is a reflection of what she did.  My mom should have a cape on her back at all times with a superhero logo, as she raised the 4 of us and let me tell you guys, it was not easy, it’s still not easy, and it’s probably never going to get easier for her.  While we all have our great moments, we also have done some serious wreckage and my mom, BrendaP, has been there every single step of the way to pick us up, pat us on the back, hug us, and remind us to do better next time.

My mom was born the oldest of 5 children and whether she wanted to or not, she’s always been responsible for someone, be it her own children, her siblings growing up, or various neighborhood vagabond kids we’d bring in when their homes weren’t so happy to be a part of at that moment.  All our friends flock to my parent’s house, to this day-even as adults, because my mom is just that mom.  She always cares about you, there are always snacks, and she’s made it such a wonderful place to be that no one ever gets far.  My mom devoted her life to raising my brother, two sisters, and I, foregoing her own dreams/plans/aspirations/desires so many times to be there, all the time, for us.

I took for granted growing up that my mom was home when I needed her, ready to drop anything to come get me if I needed it, to give those car rides to birthday parties, to take me to dance class and cheer practice, to pick me up if I was sick.  I don’t think I understood that kind of sacrifice until I was an adult, and I’m sure I still haven’t grasped that selflessness and unconditional love to it’s full extent, and might not until I have children of my own, but my goodness, what an amazing woman!  She’s funny as all get out, devoted to her family, and one of the smartest people I know.  Did I mention she’s also drop-dead, stunner gorgeous?  Yeah….BrendaP, I love you, I admire you, and you’re the best model of a woman I can think to become.  Happy Mother’s Day from your wild, sometimes selfish, always goofy, troublesome, crazy, affectionate, silly girl.  LOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!

Brenda P.  My Mama 🙂

JoyceK. ~ My Mama!

My turn, my turn… please please let me have a turn!!! This is my 2nd mothers day coming up and in these last 2 years of being a mom my respect and gratitude for my mom just continues to grow every day. Every day that I look at my daughter and realize that I don’t know how I could ever love her any more than I do and how my much I would give and sacrifice for that sweet child, I realize that my mom probably felt (and still feels) the same way. How is it that as we grow older we forget the love that our parents have for us. There were way to many times in my life that I told my mother hateful things and gave her dirty looks. I hated that she was so strict and would always tell me that she know best, yet now as I am older I am so grateful for all of those things and i’m so thankful that she raised me the way she did.

My mother is a wise wise woman and has always been there for me in thick and thin. I can’t imagine life without her and I am so thankful that she is in my life. I still call her for advice and cry to her when I need to cry. I ask her advice on being a mother and what she would have done when I was almost 2 and threw tantrums; She always laughs and tells me my daughter gets it naturally!

Mother, I don’t tell you enough how much I love you, but I wanted to make sure that you knew that on this mothers day. You truly are very special to me and I thank God every day that I have you!

It’s the dawn of Mother’s Day and I’m holding my eyelids open after a late-night wedding to squeeze in a big huge “I love you Mom” along with my girls. I’ll be brief, but my gratitude and reverence is anything but. My mamas (Mom, Grandma Honey, and Mama Bee) are my inspiration, cheerleaders, and shoulders to cry on and I can’t imagine how I would manage without their influence in my life. Thank you for loving me with all of your hearts. I love you back with all of mine! xoxo


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