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First Hand Experience of a Newborn Session with Kimberly Jarman Photography (Rachel)

First Hand Experience of a Newborn Session with Kimberly Jarman

Baby Love: First-Hand Experiences from our client, Rachel

Compiled by: Elise, Associate and Newborn photographer for Kimberly Jarman Photography

Throughout the whole month of February, we’ve been posting about newborns photography, trying to communicate as many details as possible so parents know what to expect before they go in for their newborn photos. So we figured what better way to show that then to hear from one of our recent clients! Rachel did a great job detailing how a session goes – we love reading it from her point of view! Here is Rachel’s First Hand Experience of a newborn session with Kimberly Jarman Photography.

From Rachel:

“One of the things I was most excited about when I found out I was pregnant was having beautiful, professional pictures of my baby taken shortly after he or she was born.  I knew that I wanted Kim Jarman to capture my baby’s first images, as she was one of the photographers that I hired for my wedding and her pictures were fantastic. I also loved that she specialized in newborns, and really knew how to capture the perfect picture. I was a little late to the game in reserving time for our session – I called her after I delivered and we were home from the hospital, thinking I had plenty of time.  To my surprise, she recommended having the session before my daughter Guinevere was 10 days old to capture the uniqueness of a “newborn”, as babies change so quickly – and she was right! – so we booked the session for Day 9.  She promptly sent over several emails detailing the timeline for the shoot, ideas on what to wear, props to bring, and our contracts. The booking process was simple and efficient. She also sent over a preview of photo packages and a la carte pricing for my husband and I to review before the session, and before our image selection appointment, so we had time to think about what we wanted to order and for whom.

We decided to have our session done in Kim’s home studio. Her front room is the perfect space for a photo shoot – high ceilings, tons of natural light, and plenty of room for props and backdrops.  She welcomed us with plenty of ideas for the shoot for our little girl – as new parents, we had no idea what to bring or what to expect – but she and her assistant photographer Elise had everything under control!  The room was warm to keep Guinevere comfortable in the diaper-only and no-clothes pictures, and there were several white noise machines with the “heartbeat” setting to help her relax and fall asleep. I was “new Mom nervous”… would she ever fall asleep so they could take the pictures?  What happens if she pees or poops while she’s being photographed without a diaper?  Kim assured me that all of their props were “washable” and the timeframe for newborn photo shoots could take longer than scheduled depending on how the baby responded – and there was no rush. Our shoot took a little longer than planned because Guinevere pooped, then was hungry, then pooped again, then was hungry again… and then was wide awake! Kim took her in her arms and rocked her for 20 minutes and, like a pro, got her to fall asleep so we could finally get started. Kim and Elise did several different looks for her pictures based on our wants, the props we brought with us, and their ideas for positions and backdrops.  They had so many different props to use, we really didn’t have to bring our own! My husband and I just watched, smiling proudly at our little girl, as they worked their magic. Our session was about 4 hours long, but the first 90 minutes of it was spent trying to get Guinevere to calm down, sleep and be comfortable. I would recommend bringing lots of patience and having an open-ended schedule in case the shoot takes longer than expected.


First Hand Experience of a Newborn Session with Kimberly Jarman

About three weeks later we sat down with Kim at her Studio and viewed the images of our session. There were so many, and they were all fantastic! I was overwhelmed.  But Kim grouped them into small subsets to help us narrow them down, and we did several rounds of comparing and eliminating until we had a handful that we wanted printed.  She was very respectful of our budget and had some great ideas to maximize the amount of images we could purchase within our budgeted amount. My husband and I are huge fans of art and photography in the home, so our priority was to have a canvas collage created for our family room wall. She asked us to bring a picture of the wall and helped us to pick the perfect collage arrangement to fit in that space. We also selected several images to have printed and framed in 5×7 and 8×10 for gifts and other areas in our home. We also considered doing a newborn photo book, but Kim suggested that wait and do a First Year book instead being we plan to have more pictures taken at 6 months and again closer to 1 year. Great idea!! Our canvases and prints arrived in about three weeks from the date of our viewing session, and they are gorgeous.

I am so happy to have beautiful images of my daughter that I can look at daily, and look back upon as she grows older. Hiring Kim to take Guinevere’s newborn photos was a great decision and I would do it again in a heartbeat. We are already looking forward to her next photo shoot in a few months. I cannot recommend her highly enough for her talent and professionalism.  She and her staff are truly top notch!”


Thank you, Rachel! We loved working with your sweet family. We can’t wait to photograph Guinevere in a few short months!





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