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Happy Anniversary | Angela & Seth


What are your names?
Angela & Seth Knox

What is your anniversary date?
June 18, 2011

How long have you now been married?
Two and half years

We’d love to share with everyone how you met, can you tell that story?
Our story starts in high school, but no we’re not high school sweethearts. Our dads knew each other through through work and our sisters were friends in college. We were introduced through mutual friends our junior year. I even asked him to our version of Sadie Hawkins because my boyfriend at the time had already been asked. We ended up both going to the University of Arizona and joined the same Christian group on campus. After a long year of flirting and watching movies we ended up dating.

And of course we have to tell everyone how you got engaged… it’s our favorite part; please share!
We’re both huge beach lovers so naturally that’s where it happened. One of our mutual friends from high school was living in San Diego so we took a weekend trip to visit her. We spent all day Saturday on the beach, hanging out, eating and generally having a great time. Seth had no plan beyond proposing on the beach so he just waited for the right moment. Mid afternoon I was getting antsy to leave and go do something else, so even though there were a few people close by (who had been there all day and weren’t leaving anytime soon) he decided it was now or never. We were discussing tattoos (I had one, he had none), and he said “Well, I will get a tattoo if you answer this question right…” and then pulled out the exact ring I had emailed him a picture of years before. It was perfect, low key, on the beach, not overly romantic, very us.


Please tell us about your wedding? What were some of the details? Where was it? What were your favorite parts? 
We had the perfect wedding day. It was laid back, personal with a quick ceremony and then a big party with lots of dancing afterwards. We had a lot of family & friends involved in our wedding, we knew the caterer, florist, officiants and our photographers personally, which made the day extra special. Our wedding was in Florence, AZ at the Windmill Winery ( It was the perfect venue and they were able to do both the ceremony and reception in their big barn, with a turn around while we had an outdoor games/popcorn time between. We had Seth’s grandpa bring a popcorn maker all the way from Texas, and served that and old fashioned pop during the lawn game time. Instead of cake, we did brownies and mint chocolate ice cream. Seth’s grandma made a brownie shaped like Texas, where we lived at the time. Other favorite parts – both my dad and Seth’s dad performed our ceremony, which was so meaningful, and my cousin played guitar and sang during our ceremony. Also, our flowers were AMAZING. (Zuzu’s Petals….html)

What is the best memory you have from your wedding day?
Dancing for hours at the end of the night was my favorite part of the whole day. It was an amazing celebration as a newly married couple, surrounded by all of our family and best friends. I had a lot of family fly in from around the country, my sister and her family and my sister-in-law both came back from living overseas and all our best friends from college were able to come. Just being in the midst of all the people who had supported us through the years dancing to Michael Jackson and oldies was simply the best.

Of course we have to hear about your pictures, since we were your photographers. What was it like having Kimberly photograph your wedding? What do you remember most about your photography? What is your favorite picture to this day?
Actually, I’ve known Kim since I was in junior high and had even worked for her back in the day. There is no one else who I would have let capture the day for us. She and her associates were fun, organized and captured all of the important moments without being in our faces. Looking through the pictures for the first time was incredible, especially seeing the moments I had forgotten or wasn’t there for. One of my favorite pictures from the day was the moment I saw my dad for the first time. He knocked on the door where we were getting ready and immediatey he and I both started to cry. Kim captured our hug and some special pictures of our family there. And she did it without any of us feeling intruded upon in such an emotional moment.

Now that your wedding is over, what is the one thing you look back on and are so thankful that you did?
Two things. 1) Having awhile for photography scheduled and doing a first look. It enabled us to have a relaxing day, not being too rushed to get everything done, and having plenty of time to get great pictures. 2) Doing the whole event at one venue. Again, allowed for a more laid-back day.

How has life changed since your wedding day, please fill us in on all the details (moves, kids, new houses, promotions, etc).
Our life has changed quite a bit. Seth moved to TX after we got married, where I was already living. A year after we got married we quit our jobs there and moved to Seattle, WA. We also spent three months in Montana on the way. I now work as an oncology nurse at the university hospital here and Seth is teaching 4th and 5th grade. I’ll be starting graduate school this year and we love our life here.

If you have kids can you please share with us about them… we LOVE to hear fun kid stories.
No kids.

Do you have any updated pictures? Tell us about this picture that you are sending to us.
The picture is from a trip to Greece we took this past summer. We spent time in Turkey with some of Seth’s family then spent a week exploring Athens and two of the islands. It was incredible.


When you were newly weds did you picture this would be your life, this many years after your wedding?
Actually, I think I would have. The Pacific Northwest was always on our list of places to live and we made it happen. We both have great jobs we love, a great church and have made some amazing memories together along the way.

If you were to go back in time and tell your newly engaged selves one thing, what would it be?
One of the biggest lessons we have learned is to give each other grace and forgiveness freely and quickly. For us being newlyweds was a lot of adjusting. We have also moved and changed jobs along the way, which is every easy. Allowing ourselves and each other a little bit of slack would have saved lot of stress and frustration.

Do you have any advice for new bride and grooms?
Set good habits early in your marriage, date nights, checking in with each other, game playing, and generally being good to each other. Good habits look different for every couple but setting them early in your marriage is so important.

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