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The Amazing World of Newborn Photography



Baby love and the amazing world of newborn photography. Lately we’ve been hit with baby fever. I guess it could be due to the fact that 2 of our girls (me being one of them) are going to have newborns pretty soon, or the fact that we’ve done so many great newborn sessions lately that we have the itch to do more, but either way we are really enjoying all these newborns coming in to get photographed and we thought we take some time this month and talk about newborn photography!

My associate Elise, has gotten the baby itch most of all and is obsessed with newborn shoots. She has become our resident newborn photographer and is going to be our guest blogger for this series. I wanted to introduce her to all of you because she will also be added to our newborn photography team and will be accepting newborn sessions starting this month through our studio. Her work is amazing and I am so excited to be able to offer her as one of our photographers for newborns. While I will still be photographing newborns, Elise will be an added addition and option! As we go along through this series we will provide more information about how you can hire us for your newborn session and the steps to take to ensure that you get great pictures!

So many of our parents are 1st time parents and aren’t really sure what to expect when getting pictures taken of their brand new baby, I mean heck… when I was a first time parent I had no clue what to expect with having a child in general, much alone what to do for pictures, so we understand and are going to help walk you through that process.

Elise is going to give you some great tips, including What To Expect, The Do’s and Don’ts, What To Bring, Studio Sessions vs. a Session At Your House, and much more.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments and if there is anymore you’d like to hear, so please feel free to leave comments for us below! As we go through this series this month we will try to add even more content and answer your questions!




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