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NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY AT THE STUDIO OR YOUR HOUSE? We get a lot of inquires about newborn sessions and one of the big questions is “Where should we take the pictures”. While our options are somewhat endless for locations that we can take pictures, the 2 most popular locations are  a studio session at our home studio or a lifestyle session at your house. It truly does depend on your style and what you are looking for. In order to understand both, let me explain how each work.

A Studio Session: This is probably a more common type of look that most people choose for their child’s first pictures. These pictures are more controlled and allow us to get a lot of posed newborn pictures. You would come to our in home studio, and we would utilize our props, the large windows with natural light pouring through them, and our backdrops that we’ve hand-picked especially for newborns. The type of pictures you would see from this session would be posed and detail oriented. We have control over a lot of what goes into the photo. If you’re wanting some gorgeous portraits of your baby – with their beautiful face and tiny little toes on a soft and subtle background, then studio sessions are for you! We actually do prefer these sessions because we have a little more control of light, props, and the environment.

Below are some examples of  a studio session:



A Lifestyle Session: These types of session convey more of a relaxed, natural, this-is-us sort of feel. These really only work if you live in a home with lots of big windows to let natural light in. With these types of sessions we do not bring our props, backgrounds, or other lighting and only use what you have in your house or outside. These sessions tend to be more lifestyle oriented, which involve more cuddling with your baby and natural elements of your life. Since we don’t bring props or backgrounds, sometimes these sessions tend to be more about you and your child together, vs just your newborn. To make sure this type of session will work well your house should be tidy and picked up and you should take some “you” time to make sure you are looking your best for pictures with the baby!  Before we will do a lifestyle session, we will talk to you to ensure that your house will work for this type of session (especially if there is enough light to work with – Arizona homes tend to be very dark because of the shades we put on our windows, so these types of sessions don’t always work for all homes.  Photographers see light a little differently than most people because they know how it will be translated into that picture and processed into their camera, so when most people say that they have TONS OF LIGHT in their home, that may not be the case necessarily to a photographer’s eye! If we do decide to use your house, we’ll probably show up when the house is the brightest, and get right to work on capturing that very special time in your lives of welcoming a new baby into your home.

Below are some examples of  a lifestyle session:






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