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WHAT TO EXPECT at your newborn session


Baby Love: What to expect at your newborn session
Written by: Elise, Associate and Newborn photographer for Kimberly Jarman Photography

 Let’s be honest: doing something where you have no idea what to expect or do can be stressful. Now add in the fact that you’ve just given birth to this little baby only a few days prior…SUPER stressful! That’s why we wanted to write this up and let all those mommies out there know what you expect from our newborn sessions, and give them a step by step process of how everything will go.

 The first step starts BEFORE your newborn is actually here. The ideal time to photograph a newborn is no older than 10 days old, so be sure to contact us while you’re still pregnant to give us plenty of heads up! We can discuss pricing, and answer any questions you have. We’ll put your due date on our calendar, then we’ll play the waiting game! After your bundle of joy is born make sure to call your Aunt Sherry, your Great Uncle Dave, your sister in Ohio and… us! Put us on that contact list to alert us as soon as that baby is born! That gives us plenty of time to find a spot in our schedule for you to come into our home studio. The timing of the session usually depends on the best lighting in our studio.


Before you actually come into the studio, be sure to get your baby nice and milk-drunk! At this age, the only things that should wake them up a during the session is if they’re hungry, so right before you hop in the car, feed your baby as much as possible to ensure they’re full for a good, long time. Between that and the ride over to our home studio, that baby should be OUT! Also, make sure you loosen their diaper about 30 minutes before we start the shoot. A tight diaper can leave imprints on their legs and bums, which causes more editing for us later. So just do us a quick favor loosen that diaper just a bit 🙂

When you get to us, we’ll go over different options of which props you would like to use, and make sure we’ve got a game plan for the next few hours. At that point we’ll have the house nice and warm, if it’s the winter we’ll crank up that heater, and if it’s the summer we’ll turn that A/C down way low, so be prepared to be VERY hot yourself! Because your newborn will be naked for most of the session, we want to make sure that they’re extremely warm and comfortable.

After we’ve discussed the overall look and feel of the session, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience! If your baby starts to cry (and don’t worry, most babies do at least a little bit), we’ll try to take care of them ourselves first, but if at first we don’t succeed… we’ll hand them over to Mom and Dad! Each session lasts between 1.5-2 hours, and in that time we try to 3 different ‘looks’ (like different backdrops or props) and anything else we get after that is a bonus! By the time that 2 hours is up we will have captured one the most precious and irreplaceable time in your child’s life, something we treasure.

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