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2013 is Gone… Ring in the new year!


Looking back at 2013 is a blur. It went by so fast and I’m not really sure if I’m ok with that. It seems that every year goes by faster and faster; does that happen with age? Does it get worse or better? I’m dying to know… or wait, don’t tell me, I think I’d rather just let it happen.  No need for stress right?

Now that 2013 is gone it’s time to ring in the new year and start a great 2014!


The studio is doing amazing. I am so blessed with my team and so thankful to call them friends. I have 3 amazing associates (Emily, Diana, and Elise), a PHENOMENAL Office assistant ++ (Elise),  2 great second shooters (Jen & Rachel), and 2 interns (Kayla & Lauren). Our studio had 22 weddings and 45 plus portrait sessions in 2013. We have had such a great time with our clients and love getting to meet new people and continue taking pictures for clients who have been with us for awhile.

2013 brought me to some crazy awesome places to photograph, including shooting at a dairy farm 3 times, San Diego, Newport Beach, some wonderful private homes, and some phenomenal resorts. We were able to photograph weddings, newborns, children, families, high school seniors, vendor friends, and even some commercial work for a local golf course. I love where my job takes me!

2014 will not disappoint as we already have 14 weddings on the book, just for the spring alone. We’ve had to turn down weddings because we just don’t have enough man power so, we are starting to train some new assistants, 2nd shooters, and associates to help with the growth of our company.

We are so excited for all of the amazing weddings coming up and super excited to see who will be our clients in the fall!!

Some things to look out for 2014:

• More blogging (I’ve been horrible at blogging this year and I plan to keep up with it more)

• More information on True Art Sessions and why you want to make sure you sign up for one!

• More information on our mini sessions and how these are perfect for a few quick updated pictures a few times a year.

• Tips for Photographers

• Tips for Clients

• Hear from our past clients and what they are doing now that their wedding is over.

• BABIES….. 2 of our photographers (one of those photographers being me) are having a baby this year! And it seems like everyone we know is having a baby… babies everywhere! We are all excited.

• AMAZING and over the top weddings.


Personally 2013 was great, but a little crazy as well. I now have a 5 year old who is amazing and wonderful and keeps me busy! Being a full time business owner and full time mom can wear a person out. Kailee, our 5 year old daughter has jumped head first into the world of Triathlons. She trains with a team 3 times a week (because she wants to, we are not forcing type parents) and LOVES the interaction with her coaches and team mates. She is a GREAT swimmer and can now ride a bike for over 2 miles without stopping and loves to run. She has completed 2 small triathlons and did well in both! With all my running around taking her to practices and fitting in portrait shoots, clients meetings, and weddings, my life seems to be a blur!

In August we found out that we are pregnant!! We had been trying to add to our family for 3 years and nothing was working. We were starting to look into adoption and foster care when BAM…. everything changed. In May we are expecting a little boy to enter into our world and change things once again! It was actually perfect timing because I have some AMAZING weddings this spring and will be able to photograph them all, then will take off this summer to spend time with our newest bundle (while it’s too hot here in AZ to do anything), and then will jump back into wedding and portraits during the fall. Very thankful for this little guy and how he will add so much to our family!

My husband is a CPA for a firm in Phoenix, Price Kong & Company. He is wonderful at what he does and LOVES numbers. I’m thankful to have him in my life and help me make some great decisions along the way in business. He is such a support to what I do and i’m very thankful for him. He completed 3 half marathons this year and 1 full marathon and is gearing up for more. He’s an addicted runner and i’m kinda jealous that he can do it so well!!

As we enter into 2014 I’m excited to see what this year entails. I’m excited to see growth happen in my business and in my personal life. We must have a balance in order to survive and i’m thankful that i’m somewhat learning how to do that.

We can’t wait to work with you and your families. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you and how we can serve you better. We LOVE what we do and couldn’t make it happen without our clients, friends, and family.

Here is to a great 2014 for all!! Cheers!!


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January 8, 2014 - 10:43 am

kimberlyjarman - Yes Emily!!! Cheers with water:):) LOL!!!!

January 7, 2014 - 8:38 pm

Emily S. - Loved the update! Cheers (with water) to 2014! 😀

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