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The Bob Stroller | Favorite Friday

Yes, I know that the Bob Stroller has nothing to do with photography, but that’s why I love that on Friday’s I can just talk about anything. So, today I want to tell you about something that has changed my life.

I’m a really busy person, I’m always going somewhere & doing something whether it’s with my family or for work. So to be honest it’s very hard for me to find time to stay fit and exercise. For those of you who are moms you understand how hard it is to get anything done with a little one, much less find time to go to the gym or go for a run, especially when you feel guilty for leaving your little one for such an extended amount of time (on top of the amount of time you’ve already been gone working). So, for the last 4 years I just allowed myself to stop working out and I was always so frustrated that I couldn’t loose the weight.

About a year ago my husband was doing research on strollers and really wanted to get a running stroller. Well first off, I HATE running, so I wanted nothing to do with a running stroller and thought it would be a waste of time, and secondly, I didn’t want to spend the insane amount of money for a running stroller (they are so expensive, especially the ones my husband was looking at). However, one day we walked into a running store and saw that they were selling a floor model of the BOB stroller. It was over half off of the original price and I gave in. We walked out with a BOB stroller.
At first I didn’t use it much, I still could not find the time to go running and really didn’t want to get into running at all; however, this summer, once I decided I was fed up and had to loose the weight, I decided to give it a real try. My thought was that I really didn’t have to run, I could walk. A 3 mile walk a day was much better than nothing and I wouldn’t be leaving my daughter to go do it; we could take a walk together and enjoy the outside. I started getting up in the mornings with her and we’d go do a walk/run and then come home and get ready for work. It’s been amazing.

My daughter is loving her time in the stroller, outside and moving around. I’ve actually started doing a little more than walking and am doing some running, and it’s been enjoyable. The BOB stroller has been a life saver; it’s easy to use and works SO well as a running stroller. I know that there are cheaper models out there, but I can seriously run with this thing and barely touch it. It’s smooth and works so well; I wouldn’t buy anything else in the future.

So, there you have it; my favorite friday post is about running strollers (who would have thought a year ago)!

Now that the weather is getting cooler i’m hoping to use it a little more and enjoy the cool weather. Anyone want to join me??
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October 17, 2012 - 11:56 pm

jessi - Fun! Were trying to stroll more with the nicer weather too!

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