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 (Photography by Kimberly Jarman: Main shooter & Diana: 2nd Shooter)

 When I first talked to Gerilyn on the phone I kind of fell in love… lol, well maybe not in love, but I knew that she was one of a kind and the type of bride that I wanted to work with. She was super sweet and we really just hit it off. So, I was so sad when she emailed me one day and told me that they were no longer getting married in Arizona and had moved the wedding to New York. I was sad she hadn’t asked me to still photograph her wedding, but thought, maybe she doesn’t realize that I LOVE to travel, so I threw it out there in an email back that I’d be very willing to go out there and photograph the wedding. She emailed me back right away and said “Really? You would travel all the way to New York?”. UM…… let me think…. YES!!! Of course I would!! So, she hired me and I was happy.

I called up Diana and said, ready to go to New York? We just booked a wedding and you are my 2nd shooter. She told me of course she was coming and we started to make travel arrangements. We decided to make sure we had a day to explore, because what’s the point in going all the way to New York without exploring, so we flew into Boston and traveled up the coast to New Hampshire and Main. It was amazing! We did have a lot of driving and traveling to do so Diana and I got to know each other really well… and I mean really well. Luckily we are still friends and shooting buddies!

We arrived in Saratoga Springs the day before the wedding and scouted it all out. Seriously, it was beautiful. I LOVE getting out of Arizona and shooting in something different. Not that I don’t like Arizona, but the colors and green grass just give me inspiration. We met up with Gerilyn and David to meet their families and friends for a bit and had a wonderful time getting to know them all.

The day of the wedding couldn’t have been more gorgeous. It was cool, a nice breeze, and thankfully not humid. We hung out with the girls and guys at the nearby hotel and got some amazing getting ready images (some of my favorites so far). We then headed over to the Canfield Casino where the ceremony and reception were to be held.

Gerilyn and David are truly an amazing couple and their family and friends are just as wonderful. I loved getting to know everyone and they truly made us feel part of the family (which if you know me is really what I love about weddings).

We broke up the wedding into 2 parts because there were just so many great images, so enjoy Part I of Gerilyn and David’s beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY wedding, and get ready for part II a little later.


It was fun working with the New York Vendors and they all did such a great job. Thank you for making us feel welcome, we LOVED New York and hope to come back soon!

Venue: Canfield Casino –  Saratoga Springs, NY
Florist: Renaissance Florist
Makeup Artist: Amy Elizabeth
Band: New York Players
Officiant: Andy Zawacki
Cake Artist: Mazzone Management
Caterer: Mazzone Management

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September 7, 2012 - 7:16 am

GERILYN + DAVID | WEDDING AT THE NEW YORK CANFIELD CASINO (PART 2) » Kimberly Jarman Photography - […] Gerilyn & David’s gorgeous wedding in Saratoga Springs, NY. If you haven’t yet seen Part I, make sure you check it out!! The 2nd part of the day included portraits of Gerilyn & David, as […]

August 31, 2012 - 12:36 pm

Jonny Carroll - What a different location! Looks like a ton of fun!

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